Naruto: 10 Akatsuki members and their motive behind joining the organization

Take a look at the motives of some members of the Akatsuki (image via Pierrot)
Take a look at the motives of some members of the Akatsuki (image via Pierrot)

The Naruto series has introduced a vast array of characters, clans, and organizations. However, one of the most important ones among the lot is Akatsuki since they had a considerable role in the overall plot of the series.

The organization had some of the strongest characters in the series as well. Every member had their reasons for joining this organization. Let’s look at some of the most essential members of the organization and their motives for joining.

Naruto: Some of the most important members of the Akatsuki and their reason for joining the organization

1) Itachi

Itachi killed his entire clan, but he did so because that was the only option he had in which his brother would not be harmed. After completing this task, he reported this to the Third Hokage, who was shocked and disappointed.

Itachi left the village as a traitor, but he left with an essential mission of infiltrating the Akatsuki and ensuring that it wouldn’t harm Konohagakure. He intended to protect the village from the shadows and sacrificed a lot.

2) Nagato

Nagato is one of the most essential characters in the Naruto series and significantly impacted the overall plot. Madara had implanted the Rinnegan into Nagato, and he was trained by Jiraiya as well. Nagato would join Yahiko and Konan, creating the original Akatsuki in the Naruto series.

Nagato’s views on world peace changed after the death of his dear friend, Yahiko, and caused many problems that would go on to rock the very foundations of the shinobi world.

3) Konan

When Konan was a child, her parents were killed during the wars, and she was left to fend for herself. During that time in the Naruto series, Yahiko found her and decided to help her out. She found Nagato shortly after, and he was dying and saved him. The three became extremely close friends, and after becoming skilled in ninjutsu, they decided to start their organization called the Akatsuki in the hopes of bringing peace to Amegakure and, subsequently, the entire shinobi world.

4) Orochimaru

Orochimaru was obsessed with obtaining knowledge about forbidden jutsu. This Naruto character wanted power more than anything else, so he went to great lengths to retrieve information about certain jutsus and experimented with numerous human bodies. With Kabuto’s help, he realized the existence of an organization like the Akatsuki and wanted to understand more about what they do.

Since his goal was to live for eternity and understand techniques unknown to him, he joined the organization to get closer to stronger people.

5) Obito

Obito (image via Pierrot)
Obito (image via Pierrot)

Yahiko established the organization alongside Nagato and Konan. Obito had approached the three and tried to sway Nagato since he wanted him for a hatched plan by Madara. Yahiko initially refused and was later killed by Hanzo, which impacted Nagato.

Obito proposed Akatsuki take a new route to obtain the Tailed Beasts. Obito was responsible for establishing the new Akatsuki, which later changed the shinobi world in the Naruto series.

6) Zetsu

Zetsu from the Naruto series (image via Pierrot)
Zetsu from the Naruto series (image via Pierrot)

The Black Zetsu was the physical manifestation of Kaguya otsutsuki in the Naruto series. This character pulled many strings for significant events of the series and was a big reason for all the events that unfolded. Madara awakened the Rinnegan by implanting Hashirama cells within him and summoned Gedou Mazou.

The White Zetsu was an accidental result of this, and they were people who were trapped in the Infinite Tsukuyomi. Zetsu is a combination of White and Black Zetsu, and it merely used the Akatsuki as a tool to achieve a bigger goal, which was to revive Kaguya Otsutsuki.

7) Kakuzu

Kakuzu (image via Pierrot)
Kakuzu (image via Pierrot)

Kakuzu was an essential member of the Akatsuki because he had a certain amount of power level and durability that allowed him to defeat strong shinobis. But compared to some of the other members of the organization, this shinobi in the Naruto series had only one motive to put in some effort towards any task assigned to him, and that was money.

While the show didn’t have any character explaining why Kakuzu joined the organization, the fight against Asuma revealed that money was the only motivational factor for joining the Akatsuki.

8) Kisame

Kisame was questioning his very existence and the existence of truth in the world. He was forced to kill his comrades as instructed by Fuguki, but he found out that Fuguki sold information to other villages.

When Kisame killed Fuguki, citizens harbored a great deal of hatred towards him. Therefore, when he was approached by Obito, who disguised himself as Madara, he decided to join the Akatsuki since Obito promised to create a world filled with truth.

9) Deidara

Deidara was obsessed with art and explosions. His Explosion Release was considered valuable to the entire organization, so he was approached by Itachi. Initially, Deidara didn’t want to join the Akatsuki, but Itachi challenged him to a duel.

Deidara agreed to this because the Akatsuki would leave him alone if he won against Itachi. However, Deidara lost the battle and begrudgingly joined the organization. He was partnered with Sasori upon entering the organization.

10) Sasori

Sasori is one of those characters whose motive for joining the Akatsuki was not mentioned in the Naruto anime or manga. However, Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution OVA showed that the puppet master from the Sand Village was recruited by one of the earliest members of the Akatsuki, Konan.

Sasori didn’t intend to join the organization but complied with the proposal put forth by Konan. Konan challenged him to a fight and was forced to participate after losing to her.