Demon Slayer Season 4 Confirmed to Be in Production

Demon Slayer Season 4 Confirmed to Be in Production (Image via Ufotable Studios)
Demon Slayer Season 4 Confirmed to Be in Production (Image via Ufotable Studios)

On Tuesday, June 6, 2023, two fairly reputable news accounts released leaked confirmation pertaining to Demon Slayer season 4, claiming that work on the anime series has begun. While the news in and of itself isn’t necessarily shocking considering the massive success the anime has had over its latest three seasons, it is intriguing to see the fourth season in production so early.

Unfortunately, no additional news has been released for the upcoming Demon Slayer season 4 as of this article’s writing. Fans are unsure of when the official announcement will come, let alone trailers, release windows, and more. Nevertheless, they are still incredibly excited to hear that the fourth season is already in production.

Fans are eagerly anticipating official information on Demon Slayer season 4 following the completion of the third season's last episode.

Demon Slayer season 4 will possibly focus on the Hashira Training arc

The two most significant news accounts to confirm this Demon Slayer season 4 production leak are Twitter users @DemonSlayerSc and @shueishaleaks. Both accounts have recently sent out tweets claiming such, seemingly corroborating each other as a result. No other credible accounts have stepped in to dispute the claims.

As a result, fans are looking ahead and curious to see exactly what the upcoming season will adapt. While this article won’t offer any direct spoilers, it will speculate on what manga arcs could be adapted and exactly what they’ll reveal to fans. Likewise, a surefire inclusion for the fourth season is the Hashira Training arc, which constitutes chapters 128–136 of the original manga series.

Within this story arc, it’s heavily speculated that fans should be getting some key backstory information on characters and organizations that haven't before been revealed. Giyu Tomioka is easily the most popular choice in this regard, being a fan-favourite despite inconsistent appearances and so little being known about him.

Fans should also learn of the Demon Slayer Corps’ origins in greater detail. While the group’s raison d’etre has been emphasized already, exactly how it came to be and who its founding members were is still unknown as of this article’s writing. Many fans are looking for further information on these topics by the end of the series.

While fans should also see the Infinity Castle arc (chapters 137-183) at least partially adapted in the fourth season, it’s unknown if the fourth season will cover this penultimate arc in its entirety. Many fans are instead asserting that the series will likely split this penultimate arc into two uneven chunks, pairing the smaller of the two with the conclusive Sunrise Countdown arc (chapters 183-205).

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