"One Piece Chapter 1043 (Additional Spoilers): Luffy is Joy Boy, the "Drum of Liberation," and more

Luffy's laugh is at the heart of One Piece Chapter 1043 (Image Credits: Eiichiro Oda/Shueisha, Viz Media, One Piece)
Luffy's laugh is at the heart of One Piece Chapter 1043 (Image Credits: Eiichiro Oda/Shueisha, Viz Media, One Piece)

Additional One Piece Chapter 1043 spoilers were released earlier this morning, and with them came a revelation that may tear the fanbase apart. If the spoilers are to be believed, it seems Zunesha confirmed to Momonosuke that Luffy was indeed Joy Boy.

Furthermore, a leaked image showed the series’ protagonist laying down from Kaido’s last attack still, but laughing. The Japanese hiragana or katakana used here was not what author Eiichiro Oda typically uses to portray laughing, and instead was replaced with a symbol which read Nika.

This, obviously, is a reference to Nika the Sun God, a legendary character Who’s Who reveals during his fight with Jinbe. Follow along as this article fully breaks down these One Piece Chapter 1043 spoilers.

One Piece Chapter 1043 makes a big splash, confirms long-standing fan-theory

One Piece Chapter 1043: Additional spoilers

It seems that typical series leaker Redon from the ArlongPark forums is letting others release spoilers this week, with WorstGen forum users Lance_Dragonite, ScotchInformer, and Jmena all having contributed to the effort. With their posts having been left up as long as they have been, it seems forum moderators have confirmed these One Piece Chapter 1043 spoilers.

Initial One Piece Chapter 1043 spoilers were released yesterday by ScotchInformer, who emphasized that the best was yet to come for this chapter’s leaks. Additional information, which was released today, made several claims, the most notable being that Luffy was Joy Boy.

As previously reported, the title of the chapter is “Let’s Die Together,” which is apparently spoken by Yamato during the chapter. This is an interesting choice, as the initial indication seems to suggest either Kaido says this to Luffy, or Hiyori says this to Orochi.

The additional spoilers continue by saying Kaido heads down from the roof at some point during the chapter, ready to fight any opponent. The spoilers then say that Zunesha tells Momonosuke to listen to “him,” saying they haven’t heard “that sound” in 800 years. After he asks what they heard, they say it’s the “drum of liberation,” and that “he” is here.

Momo asks who “he” is, which Zunesha confirms to be Joy Boy, saying he is back. As this is said, a panel of Luffy is shown, with hair similar to that of Sun God Nika’s, per the illustration when Who’s Who discussed him. As aforementioned, Luffy is laughing, but the onomatopoeia next to it reads “Nika,” instead of the usual Japanese words Oda uses for laughing.

Jmena further commented on these leaks, and said the name of “the Fruit” wasn’t mentioned in the chapter, presumably meaning Luffy’s. The editor's comment is also said to be “that man laughs in silence,” likely indicating the Joy Boy reveal to be what the chapter ends on.

Finally, they emphasize that the CP0 agent has a farewell scene. Apparently, it’s impossible to tell if he’s actually dead or not, though the scene implies he is. However, Oda has a long history of overturning deaths, with three instances of such in the Wano arc, so this may not end in the CP0 boss’ demise.

Regarding the use of the word Nika for Luffy’s laughing, this seems to be Oda confirming a long-standing fan-theory when combined with the Joy Boy reveal. Fans have long theorized the two mythical figures to be linked, given how Who’s Who describes the legend of Nika.

Likewise, the theory also claims Luffy to be the inheritor of the will or reincarnation of these two individuals (or possibly one, depending on their specific relationship). A key piece of evidence for this comes from Skypiea, specifically the victory banquet where Luffy looks very similar to Nika’s lone illustration.

In summation

These One Piece Chapter 1043 spoilers are quite literally game-changing. The confirmation of Luffy as Joy Boy is an exciting development, even if the specific execution of such an idea may lead to a division in the fanbase.

Likely the most interesting development of this chapter besides the Joy Boy reveal is the line regarding the “Drum of Liberation.” While this will likely be explained in the coming weeks, it’s an incredibly confusing line without further context of the situation. It also calls into question why Momonosuke, who can hear the Voice of All Things, also cannot hear the drum.

Be sure to keep up with additional One Piece Chapter 1043 spoilers as the week goes on.

Latest update

It seems that, just as this article was posted, the full spoilers for One Piece Chapter 1043 were released. In addition to what’s mentioned above, the chapter seemingly starts off with Kawamatsu telling the general samurai to escape. He says that there is no honor in burning to death.

Kaido arrives inside the castle and announces that Luffy is dead, also saying Momonosuke has to give up. Meanwhile, Kid and Law can, apparently, feel that Luffy has lost and prepare to fight Kaido.

Apparently, Nami and Marco’s group are near Kaido when he makes this announcement, and she begins calling him a snake and a liar. He moves to attack her, but Marco gets in between the two and saves Nami. Kaido then says that until Momo gives up, he’ll continue to fight whoever’s left.

This sequence is what prompts Yamato to spout the line that forms this chapter’s official title. Momo tells her he doesn’t want to let anyone die, but she tells him that they’ll fight and die together. He then has his talk with Zunisha and the chapter ends on the Joy Boy reveal.

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