One Piece chapter 1115's first spoilers confirm series schedule for next weeks

One Piece chapter 1115
One Piece chapter 1115's first spoilers confirm series schedule for next weeks (Image via Toei Animation)

One Piece chapter 1115’s first spoilers were leaked on Monday, May 20, 2024, via X (formerly Twitter) user and reputable spoiler source @pewpiece (Pew) as well as other leakers. The leaks from Pew and others confirm that there will be no break week after the upcoming installment, confirming fans can expect a new release for the series in the first week of June at least.

While the currently available One Piece chapter 1115 spoilers don’t confirm any story information or the series’ release dates beyond the issue itself, this news is nevertheless encouraging.

With May set to only be a two-chapter month for the series, it’s likely that series creator, author, and illustrator Eiichiro Oda will revert to his typical three-on, one-off release schedule for the series in June 2024.

One Piece chapter 1115 leaks allege June 2024 will be a three-issue month for the series

While One Piece chapter 1115’s first spoilers don’t confirm the series’ June release schedule, it's expected that Oda will return to his typical pacing of three chapters a month. The story has reached a crucial stage with many important revelations being made by Dr. Vegapunk. The Gorosei are frantically trying to stop the broadcast but have only managed to find the Mother Flame.

Vegapunk has also begun revealing the history of the Void Century he has gathered from deciphering the Poneglyphs. Although he claims to not know everything, whatever he is going to unravel is verified by him. The first thing he revealed was regarding JoyBoy, who had the same ability to stretch and shrink his body like the Sun God Nika of the Elbaph legend. JoyBoy was the first man to take to the sea and the first pirate.

Nevertheless, fans have been shown to be very patient with and understanding of Oda’s breaks in recent months considering how enthralling the Final Saga has been. Likewise, it could inspire Oda to take additional breaks he otherwise wouldn’t.

In any case, though, fans at least have two successive releases to look forward to as May ends and June begins, which will undoubtedly make for an extremely revelatory fortnight.

It’s also expected that these next two issues, including One Piece chapter 1115 will set up the closing chapters of the Egghead arc, considering the lore being revealed and the full context of the situation on Egghead Island.

In turn, it seems likely that the series will begin its highly anticipated Elbaf arc sometime in Summer 2024, which will likely set up the Straw Hats’ final approach to Laugh Tale.

While it's speculative, Oda’s previous comments on how long the series has left all but necessitate the Elbaf arc as needing to introduce the final Road Poneglyph the Straw Hats need.

This would also explain why Oda has taken so many breaks in recent months, either looking to rest and save his energy for the start of a new arc or doing the preparatory work needed for its arrival. In either case, fans can expect Oda to fully deliver on what’s one of the most highly anticipated arcs in the best-selling manga series’ history.

Oda originally began his One Piece manga in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine in July 1997, where it is still ongoing and serialized weekly today. The series is in its Final Saga, which began with the ongoing Egghead arc. At the time of the Final Saga’s announcement, Oda predicted that the series had roughly three years of serialization left.

The series also has a television anime adaptation produced by Toei Animation and a live-action adaptation produced by and streaming on Netflix. Additionally, a remake of the television anime series was announced by Wit Studio but no further information available at this time.

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