One Piece chapter 1114: Joy Boy and Nika confirmed separate people as Gorosei go into panic mode

One Piece chapter 1114: Joy Boy and Nika confirmed separate people as Gorosei go into panic mode (Image via Toei Animation)
One Piece chapter 1114: Joy Boy and Nika confirmed separate people as Gorosei go into panic mode (Image via Toei Animation)

One Piece chapter 1114 was officially released earlier this weekend, bringing with it the exciting continuation of Dr. Vegapunk’s message to the world. Likewise, fans were eager to learn exactly what the ex-Marine Scientist would be revealing to both them and the population of the series’ world.

As expected, One Piece chapter 1114 did continue with a focus on Dr. Vegapunk’s message, seemingly confirming Joy Boy and Sun God Nika as two separate people in the process.

While the next issue will likely see him further elaborate on this apparent implication, fans will unfortunately see a break week take place before chapter 1115’s official release.

One Piece chapter 1114 brings a fan-favorite character back while dropping major lore

One Piece chapter 1114: A shocking prediction

Akainu is shockingly stoic in One Piece chapter 1114's opening pages (Image via Toei Animation)
Akainu is shockingly stoic in One Piece chapter 1114's opening pages (Image via Toei Animation)

One Piece chapter 1114 began its story content with a focus on the Marineford base, where several Marines (including rear admiral Hina) are seen reacting to Dr. Vegapunk’s words. Fleet Admiral Akainu is also shown here but says nothing, instead donning what appears to be a distrusting but curious expression.

Focus then shifts to Mock Town on Jaya, where several pirates are laughing at Dr. Vegapunk’s words in a scene mimicking when Luffy was laughed at during the Jaya arc.

The focus then shifts again to Water 7, where Paulie is commenting on how unbelievable this news is while looking out at the city. Focus shifts yet again to Impel Down, where Donquixote Doflamingo is making jokes to Magellan as they listen to Dr. Vegapunk’s words.

One Piece chapter 1114 then shifted to Fishman Island, where Shirahoshi, King Neptune, and others discussed Dr. Vegapunk’s words. The issue then returned to Egghead Island, where some of the Marines were seen shouting about his message.

As that happened, the Gorosei decided to completely eradicate every living thing on the island, while Vegapunk York looked for the Transmission Transponder Snail on her own.

Fan-favorite Donquixote Doflamingo has a breif cameo in One Piece chapter 1114 (Image via Toei Animation)
Fan-favorite Donquixote Doflamingo has a breif cameo in One Piece chapter 1114 (Image via Toei Animation)

As that happens, Dr. Vegapunk makes a prediction regarding the earthquake which recently happened and the associated floods that follow.

What’s presumably Totto Land is then seen given Charlotte Smoothie and Mont-d’Or’s reactions to Dr. Vegapunk’s prediction. An island which was flooded by this predicted earthquake is then seen, with the people using boats and climbing to the roofs of their houses to reach safety.

One Piece chapter 1114 also shows Tonjit from Long Ring Long Land here, as well as a bandaged Kuzan listening from Hachinosu Island. Dr. Vegapunk then says that this earthquake and flood is not natural, while an enraged Saint Jaygarcia Saturn pushes Nami’s group aside while telling Vegapunk not to utter another word. Thankfully, Robin saves the others with her Devil Fruit powers as Saturn rushes past them and heads to the power plant.

Here, Saturn transforms into his human form and begins smashing every Transponder Snail he can find in the room. The Mother Flame weapon is also shown here, revealed to be a small flame which is alight despite being inside a massive tank filled with water.

As this is seen, Dr. Vegapunk continues and explains that his first sin was flying too close to the sun with respect to achieving his dream of providing the world endless energy and a brighter future.

One Piece chapter 1114: An unbelievable truth

One Piece chapter 1114 then provides a closeup of the Mother Flame itself, which is seemingly becoming more active for some reason.

The focus then shifts to the seas around Egghead, where the Iron Giant is seen walking through all of the firepower the Marines throw at it. A now-Gear 5 Luffy, Dorry, and Brogy are then seen running from Saint Topman Warcury, while Dr. Vegapunk explains that to know where the world is heading, they need to address the past.

He specifies that he means the Void Century, explaining that while most think it blank due to being called the Void Century, there are some scraps of information from the era.

As he says so, the focus shifts to Mariejois, where Imu’s silhouette is seen silently listening to the broadcast. Most of the general Celestial Dragons are shown to be outraged, while others are curious about what Dr. Vegapunk is referencing.

One Piece chapter 1114 then sees Dr. Vegapunk explaining that the Poneglyphs and the decodable text on them are the scraps he’s referencing. As he says this, fan-favorite character Jaguar D. Saul is seen lying down in a forest somewhere (presumably on Elbaf) lying down and laughing as he listens to Dr. Vegapunk’s words.

The focus then shifts once again to Orange Town, where Boodle, Chouchou and Boodle’s granddaughter are seen listening to the message.

Marguerite and other Kuja Tribe warriors are also seen listening on Amazon Lily, seemingly shocked at the words they’re hearing.

Dr. Vegapunk then explains that the World Government has forbade the study of the Ponegylphs, and that his second grave sin is doing so anyway. He explains that he did this because he inherited the research of Professor Clover and the other Oharan scholars, with Nico Robin being shown as he says so.

One Piece chapter 1114 then sees the Labo-Phase’s cloud start to extend over the sea, with Usopp realizing it’s Vegapunk Edison setting them up for escape. A heavily damaged Edison is seen in the control room telling the Straw Hats they had better escape and not get caught.

The focus then shifts to Luffy, Dorry and Brogy, where the latter two are telling him it’s pointless to keep attacking Warcury, but he does so anyway and hurts himself.

As that happens, Dr. Vegapunk explains that history is a story, and he won’t speculate beyond what he knows of the Void Century. He calls its protagonist Joy Boy, a man born 900 years ago in an advanced kingdom who fought with a stretchy and elastic body as the Sun God Nika of Elbafian fables once did.

The issue ends with Dorry and Brogy crying laughing at Luffy’s face, while Dr. Vegapunk claims Joy Boy was the first pirate in history.

One Piece chapter 1114: In summation

Overall, One Piece chapter 1114 is an incredibly exciting and revelatory issue for the series, rife with incredible implications to the series’ lore, world-building, and so much more. The ante is also upped for the Egghead arc’s conclusion in and of itself, with the Gorosei seemingly set to kill everyone and everything on Egghead in order to protect the world’s secrets.

Unfortunately, with the series already having confirmed a break week following this latest release, fans will be without any further developments for quite some time. Nevertheless, whatever’s next will almost certainly be worth the wait, especially with how exciting and engaging the series has been in recent issues.

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