One Piece: Joy Boy and Nika are not the same and chapter 1114 spoilers all but confirms it

One Piece: Joy Boy and Nika are not the same and chapter 1114 spoilers all but confirms it (Image via Toei Animation)
One Piece: Joy Boy and Nika are not the same and chapter 1114 spoilers all but confirms it (Image via Toei Animation)

Despite the Golden Week break for Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump manga publication magazine, fans saw One Piece’s spoiler process begin during this break for the upcoming chapter 1114. This process was continued earlier this week with the release of additional, more detailed spoilers for the upcoming issue in the series.

Likewise, these spoilers come at an incredibly exciting time for author and illustrator Eiichiro Oda’s One Piece manga series considering recent reveals. With Dr. Vegapunk claiming that the series’ world would sink into the ocean in the previous release, fans saw him continue the crazy reveal with information on the Void Century, Joy Boy, and Sun God Nika

What’s particularly exciting about the latter two points is that, according to the latest One Piece spoilers, a misconception fans have had on how the two are related has seemingly been cleared up. While official translations could dispute the claim later on, it seems as though the series has just confirmed that Joy Boy and Nika are, in fact, two separate people.

Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers for One Piece chapter 1114.

One Piece’s latest reveal completely rewrites fans’ narratives on Joy Boy and Nika

The alleged One Piece chapter 1114 spoilers begin with more reactions from people around the world after Vegapunk's message. An angry Akainu is also seen following the broadcast, along with other confused Marines. Doflamingo is seen suggesting to Magellan about moving up to a higher place.

After a few important revelations through the reactions, the scene goes back to Egghead, where Vegapunk explains his message. He hypothesizes that the sea level will rise around 1 meter due to earthquakes. St. Saturn continues his search for the broadcasting transponders to destroy them and enters the "Mother Flame." It turns out to be a small flame inside a large tank.

Next in the One Piece chapter 1114 spoilers, Dr. Vegapunk discusses Joy Boy, describing him as someone born 900 years ago in an advanced kingdom. He furthers that Joy Boy was someone with a body that “stretched and struggled like the Sun God Nika of Elbaf,” clearly implying that Joy Boy and Nika were two different people.

However, up until this point, most fans had been under the impression that the two were one and the same. This was largely due to Zunesha’s comments during the Wano arc, claiming that Joy Boy had “returned” when Luffy first transformed into his Gear 5 form. With this Gear 5 form being based on Sun God Nika’s appearance, abilities, and powers, fans understandably assumed that Zunesha soft-confirmed the two as the same.

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Yet according to Dr. Vegapunk’s words, the two are clearly different considering he compares Joy Boy to Sun God Nika rather than describing him as Nika. This issue is also the first outright implication in the series that Sun God Nika is part of Elbaf’s religion specifically. While this was teased by Dorry and Brogy’s words to and about Luffy, Dr. Vegapunk’s words are the first outright confirmation of this so far in the series.

Likewise, it makes the presumably upcoming Elbaf arc even more important, likely revealing significant lore on Sun God Nika which will further confirm him and Joy Boy as two separate people. It should also explain whether or not the two lived together at the same time in the series’ history, which doesn’t appear to be the case given Dr. Vegapunk’s words but could be.

It’s also worth mentioning that if Joy Boy isn’t Nika, then Luffy could be the first “person” to carry on the wills of both Joy Boy and Sun God Nika at the same time. This could also be why Zunesha said that Joy Boy had returned when Luffy first entered Gear 5. Were his awakening as Joy Boy spurred on by his awakening as Nika, Zunehsa’s words would be explained.

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However, this is all speculative as of this article’s writing, with even the alleged spoilers and the information they share still yet to be confirmed. That being said, the series spoiler process has historically proven very accurate, suggesting that chapter 1114’s official release will corroborate this information.

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