One Piece Film: Red livestream reveals new trailer, additional release info, and more

Uta as seen in the latest One Piece Film: Red trailer (Image Credits: Eiichiro Oda/Shueisha, Viz Media, One Piece)
Uta as seen in the latest One Piece Film: Red trailer (Image Credits: Eiichiro Oda/Shueisha, Viz Media, One Piece)

Earlier this morning, One Piece’s YouTube channel hosted a livestream event where they primarily discussed the upcoming One Piece Film: Red. The highly anticipated movie is set to release this summer in Japan, with international theaters hopefully picking up the film shortly after.

Additional details pertaining to international theater releases for One Piece Film: Red were discussed during the livestream today. Moreover, information regarding the soundtrack artists and the background for the film was disclosed alongside putting the new preview on display.

Follow along as this article breaks down all the latest One Piece Film: Red information.

One Piece Film: Red infodump provides fans with context and clarity regarding movie’s plot and setting


As mentioned above, the latest information released about One Piece Film: Red includes a new trailer as well as the soundtrack for the movie. The details were unveiled in a livestream on One Piece's YouTube channel earlier this morning.

#ONEPIECE Several songs of the film and their MVs will be premiered over the following two months on the following indicated dates.

The major highlight of the new preview is undoubtedly the reveal that Luffy and Uta are childhood friends, adding further drama to their presumed eventual confrontation. In the latest trailer, we see shots of a young Uta and Luffy playing in what seems to be Foosha Village, with the Red Force (Shanks’ ship) in the background.

#ONEPIECE The artists who participate in singing in One Piece: Film Red!

There also seems to be a quick scene in the trailer where a sphere of blue light akin to Trafalgar Law’s Room is used. While he’s not directly seen in the rest of the preview, this could be a teaser that he will also appear in the upcoming movie.


The voice actors for Gordon Seiyu and Uta Seiyu were also revealed as being Kenjiro Tsuda and Nazuka Kaori, respectively. Singer Ado will be delivering Uta’s musical performances in the film.


Viewers also got a hint that Shanks’ crew will be appearing in the film as the events unfold. This is evident by the inclusion of Rockstar within the crew’s character design reveal, who joined fairly recently during early One Piece well before the Water 7 saga.

Shanks crew in Film Red !#ONEPIECE

The livestream also unveiled the names of the artists singing for One Piece Film: Red, with anime theme extraordinaire Mrs. Green Apple one of the notable mentions. The songs and music videos for the film’s soundtrack will be disclosed in the coming weeks, leading up to the release date of August 6, 2022 in Japan.

#ONEPIECE In the YT video with Uta as a V-Tuber, this is what it says:- Uta's concert will be her first.- There will be a lot of goodies during the concert.- During the concert, she will sing "New Era" (this is the song that made her popularity explode).1/2

Finally, the livestream also gave important information regarding the plot and the setting. One Piece Film: Red will take place on the musical island of Elegia where Uta will be having her first concert performance for a massive crowd of people. Fans will see her sing New Era during the concert, which is what made her popularity explode to such heights.

- Many people started to listen to her songs.- She says that her fans were surprised to hear that her concert is in Elegia, considering what happened in the past. She will make her fans forget the pain and bad memories.2/2

Apparently, fans are surprised about the concert being held on Elegia for some reason. However, it seems that Uta wants to “make her fans forget the pain and bad memories,” indicating that something traumatic happened on the island sometime in the past. Hopefully, this is further elaborated upon in the film.

#ONEPIECE Toei Animation Europe has announced that One Piece: Film Red will be released in European countries!

Finally, Toei Animation Europe announced that One Piece Film: Red will indeed be coming to European countries. While no specific timeline was given for the same, fans can expect the movie in their local theaters before the end of this year.

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