One Piece Chapter 1052 (Initial Spoilers): The Raid's toll, an Admiral on the way, and more

One Piece chapter 1052 spoilers indicate the death of two beloved Red Scabbards (Image Credits: Eiichiro Oda/Shueisha, Viz Media, One Piece)
One Piece chapter 1052 spoilers indicate the death of two beloved Red Scabbards (Image Credits: Eiichiro Oda/Shueisha, Viz Media, One Piece)

One Piece chapter 1052 initial spoilers were released earlier this morning, significantly earlier than normal this week. Nonetheless, multiple leakers and individuals who generally have access to this type of material have corroborated the spoilers.

One Piece chapter 1052 spoilers appear to hint that Kaido and Big Mom are indeed defeated, much to the chagrin of several fans. Simultaneously, another segment of fans are relieved that the Wano arc is finally over and looking forward to the wrap-up arc and whatever comes after.

Follow us as this article contextualises the most recent One Piece chapter 1052 spoiler information.

One Piece Chapter 1052 spoilers seemingly solidify end of Wano approaching

One Piece Chapter 1052: Initial spoilers

As previously stated, the One Piece chapter 1052 initial spoilers were released much earlier than usual, bringing with them some divisive news. Given that the spoilers begin with a week-long time jump from the previous issue to this one, it appears that Kaido and Big Mom have indeed been vanquished.

The initial spoilers continue to say that Carrot is seen with the Straw Hats this chapter, specifically crying out of joy with Nami, Otama, and Robin. At the end of the chapter, an admiral also travels to Wano, implying that fans will finally meet Admiral Ryokugyu.

Spoilers released following this first wave of information provide additional clarity and context for the upcoming issue. Because the borders remain closed, it appears that Zunesha has left Wano, suggesting that Carrot will be with the Straw Hats for some time. It could also imply that the Mokomo Dukedom will relocate to Wano once the boundaries are opened, however this is hypothetical.

Nonetheless, spoilers continue, this time describing a conversation between Basil Hawkins and X Drake. The former informs the latter that he was referring to himself while describing someone with a 1% chance of survival, and that he also foresaw Kaido's defeat. He did, however, stand by the Yonko and did not commit another act of betrayal out of pride.

This talk, as well as Zunesha leaving Wano, seems to happen in the immediate aftermath of chapter 1051’s events. The spoilers indicate that the one-week time-skip occurs after this conversation, when the progress of Wano's land is already apparent in such a short period of time.

Apoo and Inbi, the latter being one of the Numbers, seem to have made up with the alliance as well, though the exact scene isn’t specified. Sadly, it’s confirmed later on in the issue that Ashura Doji and Izou have died from their wounds suffered during the Onigashima Raid.

While it's wonderful to see some irreversible deaths in a series that seems to be lacking them, some fans are upset that these two Scabbards are the ones to die. Nonetheless, spoilers suggest that several fanservice and comedic moments involving Yamato and the Straw Hats are shown.

It seems, however, that the final moments of the issue show Admiral Ryugokyu on his way to Wano, as previously mentioned above. It’s incredibly likely that a conflict between Luffy and the Admiral will come about as a result, similar to Fujitora’s fighting the Straw Hat captain as the crew was attempting to leave Dressrosa. Per the leaks, there is no series break next week.

In summation

While disappointing to some fans for a number of reasons, One Piece chapter 1052 is an incredibly exciting chapter which seemingly indicates the end of Wano; many of these same detractors seem pleased with this latest issue.

One interesting thing missing from One Piece chapter 1052 is the indication that Wano act three has ended, which would presumably need to happen before the post-Wano arc begins. While all currently available information seems to point to this upcoming issue being the end of the Wano arc, author Eiichiro Oda could still have some surprises hidden up his sleeves for the upcoming chapters.

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