One Piece Film: Red - Marine and World Government designs revealed

The poster for One Piece Film: Red (Image Credits: Eiichiro Oda/Shueisha, Viz Media, Toei Animation)
The poster for One Piece Film: Red (Image Credits: Eiichiro Oda/Shueisha, Viz Media, Toei Animation)

One Piece fans cannot hold their excitement for the upcoming movie One Piece Film: Red, set to release in Japan on August 6. There has been little information revealed about the movie, besides the basic plot.

Yesterday, a new video was uploaded to the official One Piece YouTube channel, introducing the characters who will appear from the Marine and World Government.

Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers!

New One Piece movie reveals the new members of the Marine and the World Government

One Piece's pirate crew will head to a new island where a world-famous diva will hold a concert. During their time there, they will learn a shocking truth that will drive the plot of the movie forward. Uta, the diva previously mentioned, is Shank’s daughter.

The new designs for the members of the Marine and World Government, who will be making an appearance during the film, have already been revealed in a short video. This article will provide a brief description of the characters that were revealed and the last time fans saw them in the One Piece universe.


A Marine Officer, Momonga is seen wearing a suit similar to the one he normally wears, with only a slight variation in the colors. The last time he was seen was during the Four Emperors Arc, appearing surprised by the ease with which the Marines intercepted Kaidou and Big Mom’s conversation.


An Admiral of the Marines, Issho will make an appearance during the movie. He does not seem to have any major differences besides a color change in his clothes, from purple to black. He was last seen expressing his desire for a change of fortune in the Marines' favor after the Seven Warldords of the Sea’s system was abolished.


The second Admiral to make his appearance during the new video, Borsalino also sports a suit similar to what he dons in the anime, except with a change in colors. Along with Momonga, he was present during the interception of Kaidou and Big Mom’s conversation and was ready to go fight before being stopped.


The fleet Admiral of the Marines, like his comrades, is seen sporting a black suit with a purple flower on his chest. He was last seen ordering his forces to leave Wano Country after admitting the Marines did not have enough manpower for the fight. He is one of the main antagonists for the One Piece series, making him the perfect candidate for the same role in the movie.


A former assassin, member of CP9, and last seen as a fugitive from the world government, Blueno is the first character to have a major change in his appearance. He leaves his suit behind, wearing a green sports suit with a pink flower and a pink purse.

It seems he will be one of the attendees to Uta’s concert, considering his pants have her name on them, and he appears to have glow bands on his left arm.


The only female member of CP9, and like her colleague, currently on the run from the world government, Kalifa, like Blueno, is seen in a new set of clothes, a white dress with white long heeled boots, wearing her usual sunglasses. Her latest appearance on One Piece makes it seem like she will be accompanying Blueno during the concert.

The Five Elders

The leaders of the World Government and one of the biggest mysteries One Piece still has to answer. These enigmatic characters were last seen discussing if eliminating Luffy was a worthy risk if it meant angering Kaidou. They appear to be dressed in their usual suits, with the addition of coats on their backs.

After the recent movie's success and the hype the series has been getting after Kaidou’s defeat at the hands of Luffy, it is certain that this could be one of the best-recieved One Piece movies yet.

There are still a few weeks until August, and Japanese fans can hardly wait to be able to see the movie. Unfortunately, the rest of the world is unlikely to see it until later this year, similar to what happened with the last movie.

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