One Piece Netflix live-action gets terrible reviews ahead of launch 

One Piece live action series release date has been announced (Image via Tomorrow Studios)
One Piece live action series release date has been announced (Image via Tomorrow Studios)

The highly anticipated trailer for the One Piece live-action series has finally been revealed, giving fans the release date for the series. Produced by Shueisha and Tomorrow Studios, the eight-episode series will be released on Netflix on August 31, 2023.

However, the new trailer has been met with significant criticism and terrible reviews from One Piece fans who feel that the live-action remake of their beloved series does not have the same scope as the anime or manga. Fans are not satisfied with the trailer, with many showing their disappointment on Twitter.

The newly released trailer for the One Piece Netflix live-action series has received terrible reaction from fans

Manga and anime series, when turned into live-action, have a history of not being up to par and disappointing fans of the original series. The live-action Death Note and Cowboy Bebop are prime examples of awful adaptations that were panned by fans and critics alike.

This is why anime fans' reactions to the announcement of a new One Piece Netflix live-action series were mixed. Despite this, they hoped that the show would be able to pull off the story somewhat decently.

However, the recently released trailer for the series has divided the fandom even further in their opinion, with some fans disliking the trailer while others enjoying it and hoping for it to be a good adaptation.

Fans have pointed out that Luffy does not quite look like his whimsical self, with many unable to think of him as the carefree and jovial captain they were greeted with in the anime and manga versions. Iñaki Godoy as Monkey D. Luffy does not sit well with some fans, who aren't able to picture him as Luffy.

Other casting choices, such as Mackenyu as Roronoa Zoro, have been approved by fans, with his key visual making them happy. Jacob Romero Gibson as Usopp has been called pitch-perfect, with Taz Skylar as Sanji being a divisive choice as some fans wanted the character to have swirly eyebrows. Emily Rudd as Nami has also been accepted and loved by fans.

However, some fans, despite the casting and the visuals, can't fully get behind the series, seeing what happened in the past to other well-produced live-action series such as Cowboy Bebop. Some fans have outright called the show horrendous, while others have called it mediocre and not worth the hype.

Many fans are also posting memes and asking Netflix to stop ruining their favorite anime series by making them live-action. While fans are in the right to be skeptical, it is also important to note that the casting and the atmosphere of the series fit the vibe of One Piece, with characters and settings blending together quite well.

It will be interesting to see if this series manages to prove the critics wrong and gain popularity and success. If it manages to do so, the series will pave the way for more live-action series of fan-favorite anime to be made.

The tweets perfectly encapsulate a portion of the frustration that a majority of One Piece fans feel right now, with many coming to the same conclusion that live-action series should be turned into anime to broaden their scope and not vice versa.

Many fans have expressed their distaste for this new One Piece live-action series and have said that they hope for the failure of the show so that no more live-action adaptations butchering their favorite series will ever be made again.

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