Solo Leveling announced to receive a new side story to honor the legacy of Jang Sung-Rak

Solo Leveling announced to receive a new side story (Image via A-1 Pictures)
Solo Leveling announced to receive a new side story (Image via A-1 Pictures)

Solo Leveling Manhwa’s illustrator, Jang Sung-Rak, aka DUBU, was one of the most lauded artists in the industry whose work was both popularly and critically praised.

Besides being an exceptional comic artist, Sung-Rak was the CEO of REDICE Studio, which adapts novels into webtoons. The studio is renowned for I’m the Max-Level Newbie, Mookhyang: The Origin, The Worn and Torn Newbie, and The Archmage Returns After 4000 years.

Solo Leveling is regarded as the pinnacle of Sung-Rak’s works, which eventually rose him to fame worldwide. Paying their heartfelt tribute to Sung-Rak, REDICE Studio announced they are working on a side story whose details are yet to be announced.

The official Twitter account of REDICE Studio has revealed an official notice, confirming that the anecdote is in the works.

A team of artists in REDICE Studio have undertaken Solo Leveling’s side story project

As per the official statement unveiled on REDICE Studio’s Twitter account, the artists who worked with Sung-Rak during his lifetime have gathered to create a new side story for Solo Leveling to honor the artist’s name, works, and illustrations.

REDICE Studio further described Sung-Rak as a leader, teacher, and pioneer of painting who was well-respected by many.

Sung-Rak was an icon to the people he worked with, and he left behind many outstanding pupils who carried on his legacy. Despite his chronic illness, Sung-Rak worked relentlessly on Solo Leveling while also handling the entire company.

As of now, the official title for the side story and the synopsis haven’t been revealed by REDICE Studio. However, they are expected to announce further details soon before the anime airs.

About Solo Leveling anime

The anime adaptation of Solo Leveling was announced at the Anime Expo 2022. Shunsuke Nagashige will be directing the anime at Studio A-1 Pictures, with Noboru Kimura writing the script. Tomoko Sudo is responsible for the character designs, and Hiroyuki Sawano will be composing the movie.

Shortly after the announcement at the Anime Expo 2022, Sung-Rak was immensely excited about Solo Leveling inspiring an anime adaptation by A-1 Pictures. Here’s how he expressed his delight and anticipation for the adaptation:

"Solo Leveling is finally making its anime debut. It feels like only yesterday that we got the offer for the anime adaptation. I feel so overwhelmed when I think that the anime is really being created right now. This is all thanks to you fans who love and support Solo Leveling. I'm filled with gratitude. Thank you very much. Also, please support the animation production team. If this anime gives new enjoyment to the readers, I'll be very happy."

Crunchyroll has acquired the license to stream the series outside of Asia, and here’s how the anime streaming giant describes the series:

"It's been over a decade since the sudden appearance of the "gates"—the paths that connect our world with a different dimension. Since then, certain humans have awakened to supernatural powers. We call these individuals "hunters." Hunters make their living by using their powers to conquer dungeons inside the gates."

It continues:

"In this world of tough customers, the low-ranked hunter Jinwoo Sung is known as "the weakest hunter of all mankind." One day, Jinwoo gets fatally injured when he runs into high-rank double dungeons hidden within a low-rank dungeon. Just then, a mysterious quest window appears in front of him. On the verge of death, Jinwoo decides to accept the quest and starts leveling up... while the others aren't."

The release date for Solo Leveling will be announced soon, along with additional details, including the main cast and theme songs, with an extended official trailer.

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