One Piece: 4 characters who can be redeemed (and 4 who can’t)

Aokiji and Akainu have very different views on justice in One Piece (Image via Toei Animation)
Aokiji and Akainu have very different views on justice in One Piece (Image via Toei Animation)

One Piece characters always have a chance to redeem themselves, but more than a few are too far gone.

The morality system in One Piece isn’t always black and white. Even dangerous criminals have shades of gray within them. Some fans would even like to see a redemption arc for these characters.

Unfortunately, not every One Piece villain abides by a moral code. A good number of them will never find a way to make up for their past actions. Whether it’s slavery or mass killings, there are some crimes that can never be forgiven in the series.

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One Piece characters who can find redemption

1) Buggy the Clown


Buggy is mainly a comic relief character in the One Piece story. While he can be a silly villain, he used to be a member of the Roger Pirates. Perhaps there is still a role for him in the story.

Narratively, it would make sense for Buggy to visit Laugh Tale since he missed his chance several years ago. Shanks did make a promise that they would go there together one day, which is why he stayed behind with him.

Their brotherly relationship is also what makes Buggy sympathetic. It would be very sweet for them to fulfill their childhood dream together.

2) Charlotte Katakuri


Katakuri has always been the most sensible member of the Charlotte Family. Unlike his mother, he is always respectful to his relatives. They even look up to him for his protective duties.

The Sweet Commander was initially dismissive of Luffy during the Whole Cake Island arc. However, as their battle progressed, Katakuri finally admitted that Luffy was on his level. Before his defeat, he wished Luffy good luck on his journey. Katakuri even smiled when he found out Luffy had escaped.

Should Big Mom ever fall in the One Piece series, Katakuri would be a better replacement as the captain. He is far saner than his vicious mother.

3) Kuzan


Even if he was just doing his job, this former Admiral was very brutal in his execution methods.

Kuzan took part in the Ohara massacre. He was even forced to murder his good friend Jaguar D. Saul, only because the latter didn't want anything to do with the Buster Call.

With that said, Kuzan did allow a young Nico Robin to escape. He also despised Sakazuki's murderous actions in the Ohara incident. Several years later, they would fight to become the Fleet Admiral of the Marines.

Although he was spared, Kuzan didn't want to work under someone like Sakazuki. One Piece fans believe that he still has a role to play in the storyline. Perhaps he can still do something to undermine his rival's madness.

4) Edward Weevil


Weevil believes that he is the son of Whitebeard, although such claims are widely mocked. The former Warlord is currently hunting down former members of the Whitebeard Pirates.

With that said, it's obvious that Weevil is being manipulated by his mother. She only seems to be interested in finding treasures. Even worse, she doesn’t seem to care about Whitebeard's death at the hands of Blackbeard.

Weevil lacks the intellectual capacity to question her. It's possible that someone like Luffy can set him straight. The Straw Hat always has a knack for befriending enemies in One Piece.

One Piece characters that can never redeem themselves

1) Donquixote Doflamingo


Doflamingo will always be a sick and twisted individual. Despite his former status as a World Noble, he wouldn't be any different from them. He truly believes only the strong will survive, which is why he doesn't tolerate weaklings.

The Ito Ito no Mi is the perfect Devil Fruit to represent Doflamingo. He likes to play with people like they are puppets. Luffy was completely disgusted by his behavior when they finally met in Dressrosa.

Whether it's killing his own family members or forcing kingdoms into submission, Doflamingo is among the worst villains in One Piece.

2) Sakazuki


Formerly known by the code name Akainu, Sakazuki is a strict believer in Absolute Justice. He wants to eradicate all the evil in the One Piece world. Unfortunately, he is more than willing to sacrifice innocent lives to achieve his goals.

Luffy will certainly never look past his actions. Sakazuki is responsible for Ace's death in Marineford. Even if the Fleet Admiral had a tragic backstory, it wouldn't bring Ace back to life.

At the end of the day, Sakazuki is nothing more than a dangerous extremist. His actions are unquestionably wrong in the One Piece story.

3) Five Elders


These powerful men rule over the entire world, although they secretly answer to Im. Either way, that doesn't excuse their actions in the One Piece series.

The Five Elders are responsible for political assassinations, government corruption, and mass genocide on a global scale. Nico Robin's entire life has been ruined because of them, yet she was the lucky one. The rest of the Ohara scholars were completely wiped out in a Buster Call.

Luffy would never forgive the World Government for what they did. If he knew about the existence of the Five Elders, Luffy would regard them on the same level as Saint Charlos.

4) Charlos


There is not a single redeemable quality about this World Noble. He is a cruel and cowardly man who likes to regularly abuse his slaves.

Charlos also likes to capture mermaids for the sole purpose of torturing them. Unsurprisingly, Luffy knocked him out cold when he got the chance.

Sadly, Charlos didn't learn his lesson at Sabaody Archipelago. With the help of CP0, he attempted to kidnap Shirahoshi at the Levely, despite her royal status.

On a related note, Rob Lucci is another character who may never achieve redemption. He only cares about killing people in One Piece.

The Celestial Dragons are vile and repulsive human beings who believe themselves to be godly. Eiichiro Oda makes it clear that Charlos will never become a good person.

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