One Piece: 4 reasons why fans love Zoro (and 4 reasons why they love Sanji)

A dynamic duo is there ever was one (Image via Toei Animation)
A dynamic duo is there ever was one (Image via Toei Animation)

There are plenty of reasons why One Piece fans love Zoro and Sanji. Despite their constant bickering, these Straw Hats will always be there for each other.

Luffy can always count on them for anything he needs. Captains need a reliable crew if they want to sail the seas.

Zoro and Sanji haven't let Luffy down one bit. It's no surprise how well they've always placed in popularity polls. Fans love their distinct personality traits, unique fighting styles, and ability to grasp victory from the jaws of defeat.

Note: This article reflects the personal views of the writer and contains major spoilers from the manga.

Reasons why One Piece fans love Zoro

1) Zoro is extremely loyal to Luffy


Ever since the Straw Hat saved his life, Zoro has repaid him with years of loyal service. Luffy couldn't have asked for a better first mate.

Zoro is always there for his captain, regardless of the potential challenges he faces. There are too many examples to list, but most fans would cite Thriller Bark as the best one.

For context, Luffy just finished a grueling fight with Gecko Moria. With the arrival of Bartholomew Kuma, Zoro knew he didn't stand a chance against him. Instead, he made a deal to share Luffy's pain so Kuma would leave them alone.

One Piece fans still get hyped whenever Zoro says, "Nothing happened." He did so despite the risk of death waiting for him.

2) Zoro gets the best fight scenes


Zoro has a tendency to fight the second most powerful villain in a particular arc. Either way, he gets to show his skill with a sword. His best showings in One Piece are when he is pushed beyond his boundaries.

Sometimes, it's learning to cut steel against Mr. 1 in Alabasta. Other times, it's trying to master Conqueror's Haki in Wano Country. Zoro always goes above and beyond his body's limitations.

Whether he wins or loses, Zoro never settles for anything less than being the best. He can also make the easiest battle fun to watch, such as Pica in Dressrosa.

Zoro makes everything look effortlessly cool in One Piece.

3) Zoro is a master swordsman


Swords have always been seen as cool weapons in popular media.

One Piece is no different in that regard. Zoro loves to show off his cutting skills with these collector's items.

Each sword carries significant value to him, from Wado Ichimonji to Shusui. There's a reason why some One Piece fans like to buy replicas of these weapons. Each of them has an awesome design with intricate patterns.

4) Zoro is fiercely determined


Whenever Zoro sets a goal in the One Piece series, he works hard to achieve it. After his crushing loss to Dracule Mihawk, Zoro made a promise to Luffy: he didn't want to ever lose another match again.

Zoro wants to become the world's greatest swordsman. Climbing that mountain and reaching the peak is no small feat. Nonetheless, he wants to honor a childhood pledge he made to Kuina.

Zoro doesn't just want to be good; he needs to be great. It's the only way he can defeat Mihawk in One Piece.

Many fans admire his fierce convictions and undying determination.

Reasons why One Piece fans love Sanji

1) Sanji fights only using his legs


One Piece has been heavily praised for its various fighting techniques. Sanji uses the Black Leg Style, which means he doesn’t fight with his fists. Any potential hand injury would be terrible for kitchen preparations.

Instead, this chef takes out his opponents with a string of super fast kicks. He even developed a technique called Diable Jambe, which heats up his legs at extreme temperatures. Ifrit Jambe is an even hotter variation since those fires burn with a blue color.

2) He is a very compassionate person


Sanji is a deeply caring man, unlike the male relatives of his family. He definitely takes after his mother in that regard.

Without hesitation on his part, Sanji is always willing to sacrifice himself to save his friends and family. Back in Whole Cake Island, he could’ve easily let Big Mom take out his entire family. Instead, he proved a point and rescued them.

Sanji’s kindhearted nature is a defining personality trait. This chef may be considered world-class, but he is more than willing to feed a few rats.

Sanji is the compassionate soul of the Straw Hats.

3) Sanji loves to make last-minute saves


One Piece fans can always count on Sanji to make a dramatic entrance.

During the Alabasta saga, the Straw Hats were trapped in a steel cage, having to deal with the rising waters and a giant crocodile.

At the very last moment, Sanji made the necessary save. This would be a recurring theme in the One Piece series:

  • Sanji intercepted a phone call from Crocodile, figuring out his location in the process (Little Garden).
  • He saved his family from Big Mom’s assassination plot (Whole Cake Island).
  • Sanji thwarted an execution attempt on Momonosuke (Wano Country).

These are just a few examples of Sanji making a last-minute save. Anytime he disappears, fans always wait for him to spring back into action.

4) He gets major character development


The Onigashima Raid is a real eye-opener for Sanji. Despite his perverted tendencies in the One Piece series, he puts them aside in crucial moments.

Sanji always wanted to become invisible, so he could spy on women’s bathhouses. His Raid Suit finally gave him the ability to do so.

However, during his fight with Queen, Sanji started to feel very strange. He also mistakenly believed that he injured a woman in the midst of battle.

To the shock and dismay of Queen, Sanji willingly destroyed his Raid Suit. His brothers were genetically modified to become monsters, so he didn’t want it happening to him.

For the first time in One Piece, Sanji overcame his sick perversions, giving him the character development that he desperately needed.