What do readers want to see in One Piece Chapter 1038?

Could a similar event take place in One Piece Chapter 1038? (Image via Toei Animation)
Could a similar event take place in One Piece Chapter 1038? (Image via Toei Animation)

After a long break, One Piece Chapter 1038 is finally near, which means readers can only speculate on its content.

The previous chapter already broke the internet for its groundbreaking revelations. Whether it's the arrival of Zunesha or yet a mysterious awakening, there was a lot to talk about. As a result, readers have set very high expectations for One Piece Chapter 1038. Anything can happen at this point in the Onigashima Raid.

There are still a few more plot threads that need to be tied up in this arc, such as the remaining fights. One Piece Chapter 1038 may not answer every question, but it can still make some progress towards the story. This article will cover some very common predictions about the upcoming chapter.

One Piece Chapter 1038 promises to be a big one, which is why fans are excited

Readers should buckle up their seat belts, since this is going to be a rollercoaster ride. If One Piece Chapter 1038 is anything like the last chapter, it's going to be huge. Trying to predict Eiichiro Oda is futile, but his fans can still try.

The mysterious Devil Fruit

This is arguably the biggest talking point for the past few weeks. In the previous chapter, the Five Elders dropped a major bombshell in regards to a certain fruit. The World Government had to rename this fruit so they could erase it from history. Apparently, it has not awakened for several centuries.

For better or worse, Oda tends to hold off on critical information until later. One Piece Chapter 1038 might even leave readers hanging. Regardless, most of them still want to know more about this Devil Fruit.

Hints at a Kaido flashback

Readers are long overdue for Kaido's origin story. Realistically, this arc is the only time it can happen. The series needs to move onto different characters after the Straw Hats leave Wano Country, such as Blackbeard and Akainu.

Kaido's fight against Luffy seems to be drawing to a close, which makes it the perfect time to drop a flashback. One Piece Chapter 1038 could finally plant the seeds for his background story.

Orochi finally meeting his end

Orochi is easily the most despised character introduced in Wano Country. Unlike Kaido and his men, Orochi lacks any redeemable qualities whatsoever. After several fakeout deaths, readers want to see the real one. They might get their wish if Hiyori finally makes her move in One Piece Chapter 1038.

It would be a fitting end for Orochi to go down to a member of the Kozuki family, since he is directly responsible for their downfall.

A glimpse at Big Mom versus Law and Kid

In the last chapter, Oda had shown Luffy's fight in great detail. Some readers want to see the same from Law and Kid. From a narrative standpoint, Big Mom's battle needs to be resolved before Kaido's.

However, she is also considerably more dangerous now, ever since she powered herself up with the Soru Soru no Mi.

Law and Kid need to come up with a creative plan against her, since they are running out of time. Their powerful awakenings will be the deciding factor in the fight's outcome. If the mysterious fruit from the last chapter belongs to either Law or Kid, now is the time to reveal its true potential.

Zunesha's wiping out the government fleet

The World Government is currently surrounding Wano Country, waiting for a chance to strike at their weakened foes. Zunesha's arrival could level the playing field by smashing their fleet into smithereens. Many readers would certainly find it satisfying, given the government's unpopularity.

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