One Piece Chapter 1059 (Additional Spoilers): Rocky Port Incident unveiled, Marco's new crew, and more

Law's old accolades are brought into question with the latest One Piece Chapter 1059 spoilers (Image via Toei Animation)

After initial spoilers were released on Monday afternoon, additional One Piece Chapter 1059 spoiler information was released on Tuesday afternoon. Coming from Redon himself, fans are confident that one of the most trusted leakers in the community is yet again on the money with these latest spoiler additions.

The additional One Piece Chapter 1059 spoilers also bring some very interesting information to light regarding Koby’s past with Blackbeard. It seems that series creator, author, and illustrator Eiichiro Oda may be trying to make a foil to Garp and Roger’s relationship via Koby and Blackbeard.

Follow along as this article fully breaks down the latest One Piece Chapter 1059 spoilers, as well as discusses what they could mean and the impact they could have.

One Piece Chapter 1059 spoilers see Marco asked to join Shanks’ crew, Blackbeard and Koby’s rapport established

The spoilers

The latest One Piece Chapter 1059 spoiler information has come in the form of supplementary bullet points to the previously released initial spoilers. While such updates are usually minor, the additional spoilers for One Piece Chapter 1059 released recently by Redon are some of the most exciting and consequential yet.

The first additional spoilers come at the beginning of the chapter, where Marco is seen on the Red Hair Pirates’ ship. Shanks and his crew have taken the former Whitebeard Pirate to the seas surrounding Sphinx Island, which is Whitebeard’s hometown.

Fans may remember the island from when Nekomamushi and Marco were seen talking here prior to the Wano arc. Nevertheless, the issue opens with Marco preparing to depart and fly to Sphinx Island when Shanks asks him to join the Red-Haired Pirates. However, Marco refuses, likely due to not wanting to be part of a crew if it isn’t Whitebeard’s (spoilers don’t specify why he refuses).

The next additional spoiler seems to take place during the Amazon Lily recap section of the issue, which the initial spoilers covered. It’s revealed that Blackbeard knows Koby from the Rocky Port Incident, which was first brought up during the Dressrosa arc. Fans may or may not remember that it was originally brought up when discussing Trafalgar Law, with him being said to be the incident’s "mastermind."

It’s allegedly revealed in One Piece Chapter 1059 that both Blackbeard and Koby were involved in the incident as well. Apparently, Koby "helped" Blackbeard in defeating Wang Zhi (a former Rocks Pirate), which then made Blackbeard boss and gave him control of Fullalead Island, also known as Pirate Island.

While it may seem small, this spoiler information, in particular, is incredibly impactful and telling. For one, it somewhat rewrites what little fans have already been told about the Rocky Port Incident. If the conflict was about Blackbeard taking over the island from a former Rocks Pirate, then it doesn’t make sense for Law to have been identified as the incident’s "mastermind."

Conversely, if Law was somehow still involved, it raises questions as to why he organized the incident and to what ends he used it as a means. While some are taking this as Law being a member of SWORD (given Koby’s newly revealed involvement in the incident), there’s simply not enough currently available evidence to jump to such a conclusion.

One of the more unlikely explanations is that Law is actually a member of the Blackbeard Pirates. One of the major arguments against this theory is his attitude toward the temporary alliance with the Straw Hats, and how eagerly and definitively he dissolved it after Wano. His actions and attitudes here suggest he would never be capable of fully joining forces with someone, especially someone as nefarious as Blackbeard.

A possible explanation for why Law is called the mastermind of the Rocky Port Incident could be his influencing both Blackbeard and Wang Zhi into fighting. His Shichibukai status during the time-skip would have certainly given him the connections and pull to do so.

It could also be something that the World Government asked him to do as a Shichibukai, explaining that he was the mastermind but not of his own volition. While some Shichibukai have been shown to skip out on meetings and other orders before, Law would likely take advantage of being in the World Government’s good graces as a means to many different ends.

However, this is all speculation, with the currently available One Piece Chapter 1059 spoilers saying nothing else on the matter. While it’s possible the actual One Piece Chapter 1059 issue itself will divulge more information, fans won’t know until the unofficial and official releases later in the week.

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