One Piece Chapter 1062: Does Zoro want to find a cure for SMILES?

Zoro has something he wants to ask
Zoro has something he wants to ask (Image via Eiichiro Oda/Shueisha/Viz Media/One Piece)

Although Roronoa Zoro has something he wants to say in One Piece Chapter 1062, many readers already suspect what he wants.

During the events of this chapter, Zoro specifically requests something from Vegapunk. However, the scene transitions before readers get their answer. It will likely be answered sometime after One Piece Chapter 1062.

Based on a previous subplot in Wano Country, some readers believe that Zoro wants to find a cure for SMILES.

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Zoro asks Vegapunk something in One Piece Chapter 1062, and it may have to do with SMILES


Readers need to have some context for One Piece Chapter 1062. Near the start of the Wano Country arc, Zoro was followed by a strange man who always smiled. Yasuie was a very friendly resident of Ebisu Town. He always looked after the poor residents and would regularly give them food rations.

it didn't take long for Zoro to discover a dark secret about the residents. They were forced to eat defective SMILE fruits. They can only express the emotion of "happiness" without actually feeling it. Kurozumi Orochi was a cruel and corrupt shogun who thought it would be amusing.

Needless to say, Zoro was furious at what happened and developed a hatred for the former shogun. It should be noted that Orochi did want the World Government to hand over Vegapunk for research purposes. This might come back into play after One Piece Chapter 1062.

Vegapunk could solve the SMILE problem

One Piece Chapter 1062 brings forth a strong possibility that Eiichiro Oda will revisit a previous storyline. Orochi is long dead, but the Ebisu Town residents are still under the effects of the SMILE fruits. The Wano Country arc ended without any resolution to that story.

Hope is a prevalent theme in this series. It would seem rather strange if the SMILE fruit users were never cured from their illness. Many readers predicted that Vegapunk would play a significant role in that subplot, considering his scientific genius and extensive knowledge.

Zoro wouldn't have any other reason to ask Vegapunk for something in One Piece Chapter 1062. He isn't particularly interested in scientific gadgets like Franky or Chopper. Remember, the swordsman has a shared history with Ebisu Town. It's within Zoro's character to look after those citizens.

Now is the perfect time for Zoro to ask Vegapunk

While he may not seem like it, Zoro is among the nicest Straw Hats. He really cared for Ebisu Town back in the Wano Country arc. Of course, assuming he does ask Vegapunk about the SMILE fruits, that means Zoro was still thinking about them by One Piece Chapter 1062.

The swordsman would have every reason to make this request. Back in Wano Country, nobody had the scientific knowledge to find a cure. Now that Vegapunk is taking a central role in the Egghead arc, he could be just the person that Zoro is looking for. He is the smartest character in the entire series.

Readers cannot wait to see what Oda has in store. Whether it's Vegapunk handing out a cure or teaching Chopper how to make one, Eiichiro Oda can finally resolve the Ebisu Town plotline.

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