One Piece Chapter 1066: Everything you need to know about Jaguar D. Saul

Nico Robin would be overjoyed to hear the news
Nico Robin would be overjoyed to hear the news (Image via Eiichiro Oda/Shueisha/Viz Media/One Piece)

Jaguar D. Saul makes an unexpected return in One Piece Chapter 1066, according to reliable leakers.

Manga readers will remember Jaguar's key role in Nico Robin's upbringing as the friendly giant, who was among the few allies she ever had during her childhood. She still holds him in high regard by One Piece Chapter 1066. But during Ohara's destruction, Saul made sure to sacrifice his life for her.

Of course, that's not exactly what happened, given the recent news from One Piece Chapter 1066. Although he genuinely risked his life to protect her, it turns out that he might have survived the events.

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Before you read One Piece Chapter 1066, here's a quick recap of Jaguar D. Saul

A brief history of Saul


Saul first appeared in Nico Robin's childhood flashback. Born in the East Blue, he met several Devil Fruit users on his Grand Line journey. He was a member of the giant race and a Marine Vice Admiral. Saul was a staunch supporter of the concept of "Moral Justice."

A group of Ohara scholars met his crew at some point in the past. Even though Nico Olvia tried to stop them, they killed almost all of them except for her. Sengoku later told Saul to go to a Buster Call on the island of Ohara, but he didn't.

Instead, he let Olvia go as he quit the Marines and went back to being a civilian. In the middle of a storm, Saul lost his ship and ended up in Ohara. This is where he hung out with Nico Robin, Olvia's daughter. Saul taught her how important it was to learn how to live, and she remembered that by the time One Piece Chapter 1066 came around.


The Buster Call had finally arrived, which was unfortunate for the Ohara scholars. Saul did his best to defend the island but was eventually confronted by his former superior Aokiji. Before he was completely frozen, Saul told Robin that she needed to live for his sake and that there was more to the world outside of Ohara. He said:

"There is nothing more ridiculous than being born in this world to be alone. Someday you will meet brave friends who will protect you."

Before One Piece Chapter 1066 came out, most people thought that Saul had died. Many readers thought he was dead for a very long time. It didn't help that Saul was smiling while frozen. Will of D. carriers frequently exhibit this trait shortly before their death.

One Piece Chapter 1066 confirms his survival

Etenboby, a trustworthy leaker from the WorstGen Forums, recently confirmed that Saul survived One Piece Chapter 1066. He led a group of giants to retrieve Ohara's books from the ocean, and they carried them all the way to Elbaf, with bandages covering his entire body.

For better or worse, Eiichiro Oda has a shaky track record when it comes to character deaths. To be fair, Aokiji was last seen freezing Saul via the Hie Hie no Mi. So there was always the possibility of him thawing out. Had the giant run into Akainu and his Magu Magu no Mi, that would've been the end for Saul.

Although it is not confirmed at this time, One Piece Chapter 1066 suggests that Aokiji may have let him live. Remember, the Admiral allowed Robin to flee when he didn't have to. He was also deeply sorry for what occurred in the Ohara incident. So Aokiji could have been gentler with his friend Saul.

The Will of D.


Even with the events of One Piece Chapter 1066, very little is known about the Will of D. This rare trait can only be inherited by a small number of people, including Jaguar D. Saul, who is known for his unusual laughing style, "Dereshishishi."

Will of D. carriers are seen as enemies of the Celestial Dragons. Based on what we know about Saul from One Piece Chapter 1066, this makes sense. Even though it was against the rules to know about the Void Century, he kept the history of the Ohara library preserved.

More importantly, Saul also made sure to save Robin's life during his "dying" moment. He even went out with a smile, unlike Portgas D. Ace and Kozuki Oden. Will of D. carriers are instrumental figures in the story and expect to see more from Saul in these last few arcs.

Saul will have a role to play in the final saga

One Piece Chapter 1066 brought forth several major revelations. Not only did Saul manage to survive the Ohara incident, he also helped preserve their history. If the Straw Hats were to visit Elbaf, manga readers could expect some heavy lore from the Land of Giants.

The World Government did everything they could to stop that information from spreading. Of course, they didn't count on Dragon forming the Revolutionary Army shortly after Ohara was destroyed.

One Piece Chapter 1066 also brings up a very interesting question regarding Nico Robin. She had already met the Revolutionary Army during the time jump. So it's unclear whether she was aware of what happened to Saul. Whatever happens, one thing we are sure of is that it would almost certainly be a heartfelt reunion between old friends.

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