One Piece Chapter 1069 hints tease upcoming Luffy vs. Lucci showdown, Admiral Kizaru cameo, and more

The two old foes seem set to reunite with new forms based on the latest One Piece Chapter 1069 hints (Image via Toei Animation)
The two old foes seem set to reunite with new forms based on the latest One Piece Chapter 1069 hints (image via Toei Animation)

With the release week for One Piece Chapter 1069 at hand, Sunday evening and Monday afternoon saw the hint process for the critically-acclaimed series begin yet again. Reputable leakers Redon and Un-amed seem to be taking point on this week's hint process, releasing several throughout Monday which relate to the chapter in some way.

As always, the One Piece Chapter 1069 hints are difficult to interpret, purposely leaving much ambiguity about the issue’s events. Thankfully, there do seem to be some common themes amidst the hints which may indicate certain events in the upcoming issue.

One Piece Chapter 1069 hints suggest an exciting issue focused on Lucci vs. Luffy

Latest hints

The first One Piece Chapter 1069 hint came from lead series leaker Redon, and featured a GIF of a teenage boy pointing at something and nodding with a smile on his face. Redon has used this GIF in the past, and typically does so to communicate an exciting, unforeseen development.

This hint may be alluding to a new form of Rob Lucci’s debuting in the issue. Such a development would certainly be categorized as unforeseen and exciting. Additionally, it doesn't make sense to have Luffy debut a new form here just as their fight begins. Lucci, on the other hand, needs to somehow establish the training and efforts he’s put in since last fighting Luffy.

The next One Piece Chapter 1069 hint further supports this theory, also coming from Redon. The hint features a GIF that sees a sleeping cat awaken and look at the camera. This is very clearly suggesting that Rob Lucci’s Awakened form will appear in the chapter, with his Zoan Devil Fruit being that of a β€œbig cat” animal. Combined with the previous hint, this seems almost certain to take place in the issue.

#ONEPIECE1069 From Un-amed:"Want Spoilers?Go watch Tom and Jerry.And then, translate the situ to One Piece with a cat scared of a monkey."

The next hint for the issue comes from Un-amed, and is text-based as opposed to Redon’s GIF-style hints. Un-amed says that if fans want spoilers, they should β€œwatch Tom and Jerry,” and translate the situation to One Piece with β€œa cat scared of a monkey.” This seemingly confirms that Luffy and Lucci will be fighting in the issue, further supporting the above theory of Lucci’s Awakened form debuting.

#ONEPIECE1069 From Un-amed:"The Awakened Lucci is look like a Big Cat , mix of Chopper Monster Point and Who's Who Zoan if i'm not wrong."

The next One Piece Chapter 1069 hint is also by Un-amed, and all but confirms the appearance of Awakened Lucci. The hint sees Un-amed claiming that Lucci’s Awakened form looks like β€œa Big Cat, mix of Chopper Monster point and Who’s Who Zoan.” This most likely refers to the scale of Chopper’s Monster Point, while retaining the characteristics of Who’s Who’s Zoan Fruit.

The next hint for the issue comes from Redon yet again and features King Shark as seen in the Suicide Squad films. He seems to be holding some sort of doll and is trying to give it to someone offscreen. At its most basic level, the hint is likely referring to S-Shark, the Jinbe-based Seraphim model, making its appearance in the issue.

#ONEPIECE1069 From Un-amed:"Well, admiraL fans will have an W this chap with an old friend as always...But sakazuki... Always with fear ..."

The next One Piece Chapter 1069 hint is from Un-amed, where he essentially says that fans of the Marine Admirals will enjoy a nice moment in this chapter β€œwith an old friend as always.” The hint continues to say β€œbut Sakazuki… Always with fear…,” possibly suggesting that one of the Admirals heads to Egghead against Akainu’s orders.

Based on the reference to β€œan old friend,” Admiral Kizaru is the most likely culprit here. The final hint for the issue, also from Un-amed, seemingly confirms this, featuring two boys with one holding the other back. The one holding back the individual is labeled as Akainu, while the one being held is labeled as Kizaru. This seemingly confirms that Kizaru wants to go to Egghead, but is either stopped by or forced to disobey Akainu’s orders.

The hints certainly tease an exciting issue in the form of One Piece Chapter 1069, full of cameo appearances, new combat forms, and more. While some are more confusing and open to interpretation, others this week have been incredibly straightforward with little to no ambiguity. In any case, the upcoming issue will undoubtedly be an exciting one.

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