One Piece chapter 1093: Did the Blackbeard Pirates capture Sanji and Franky? Explained

A detail in One Piece 1093 prompted many fans into assuming that Devon is already using her shapeshifting abilities on Egghead (Image via Toei Animation, One Piece)
A detail in One Piece 1093 prompted many fans into assuming that Devon is already using her shapeshifting abilities on Egghead (Image via Toei Animation, One Piece)

With the first scans of One Piece chapter 1093 circulating, many fans have started assuming that the Blackbeard Pirates have finally made their move. Not unknown to many, they are known to be present on Egghead with a ship of their own, and it is speculated that they are exploiting the chaos caused by the ongoing battles to execute their plans.

Fans have further speculated that Marshall D. Teach's crew had captured Sanji and Franky, with Catarina Devon then using her Devil Fruit powers to impersonate them, likely with the aim of approaching Vegapunk and capturing him.

Admittedly, similar subplots are in complete accordance with One Piece author Eiichiro Oda's typical modus operandi. However, upon a closer and more careful review, the theory appears clearly flawed, at least in its conclusions. Follow this thread to find out more.

Disclaimer: This article contains major spoilers from the One Piece manga up to chapter 1093.

After One Piece chapter 1093, a theory about Catarina Devon's alleged involvement in the most recent events went viral

Who is Catarina Devon in One Piece?

Devon's post timeskip look as seen in the One Piece anime (Image via Toei Animation, One Piece)
Devon's post timeskip look as seen in the One Piece anime (Image via Toei Animation, One Piece)

Distinguished by her trademark laughter "Murunfuffuffu", Catarina Devon is the most ruthless female criminal in the One Piece world. Renowned as the "Crescent Moon Hunter", she has killed many beautiful women and collected their severed heads.

Captured by the Navy and jailed in Impel Down, she was among the Level 6 prisoners who joined the Blackbeard Pirates after Marshall D. Teach stormed the prison and recruited its Head Jailer, the vicious Shiryu.

Together with Teach and the others, Devon took part in the final part of the Paramount War when the Blackbeard Pirates arrived to finish an already dying Whitebeard and steal the powers of his Tremor-Tremor Fruit.

Two years later, with Teach now being one of the Four Emperors, Devon, together with Vasco Shot, accompanied him to Amazon Lily. While Teach aimed to seize Boa Hancock's Love-Love Fruit, Devon wanted to, literally, take Boa's head so she could show off it as the most valuable trophy in her collection.

However, Devon was no match for Boa, who used the Love-Love Fruit to petrify her. Teach easily overpowered Boa and threatened to kill her, but if he had done so, Devon and Vasco would have been petrified forever.

The stalemate was resolved by the arrival of "Dark King" Silvers Rayleigh, the former right-hand man of Gol D. Roger. Not wanting to face Rayleigh in battle, Teach agreed to a deal under which Boa would return Vasco and Devon to normal, but he would leave her alone and immediately get off Amazon Lily.

Owing to a Mythical Zoan Fruit, the Dog-Dog Model: Nine Tailed Fox, Devon can perform shapeshifting, transforming herself into a perfect clone of another person. She used this ability to deceive Gecko Moria by masquerading as his subordinate Absalom, whom the Blackbeard Pirates had previously killed.

What really happened in One Piece 1093, explained

In One Piece chapter 1093, Sanji, Vegapunk, and the latter's satellite body, Vegapunk Atlas, took the VegaTank, a special vehicle, to reach Egghead's Fabrio-phase. Sanji was pictured grabbing the VegaTank to enter it, but, in the next panel, something strange happened.

Franky was in fact shown doing the same thing and in the same exact position as his crewmate, as if the two swapped instantly or were the same person. This led many One Piece fans to speculate that the one who grabbed the VegaTank was Catarina Devon, who had assumed Sanji and then Franky's looks via her Devil Fruit powers.

The theory also has well-founded grounds, as the Blackbeard Pirates split themselves into three subgroups. One of them attacked the Heart Pirates on Winner Island, while another remained on Hachinosu, the island where they have their lair. Ultimately, the third subgroup is on a ship near Egghead.

Devon was neither with the first nor with the second group, so it makes sense to think that she is among the officers sent on Egghead. Furthermore, it's well known that Sanji often ends up in trouble in the presence of women.

Following Zeff's teachings, Sanji swore to himself that he would never injure a woman or allow a woman to be harmed in front of him, regardless of the situation.

While very noble, this principle has caused Sanji to get into trouble countless times, as seen against Black Maria and her subordinates in Wano, as well as with Kalifa in Enies Lobby and Viola in Dressrosa.

Thus, despite Sanji being a stronger fighter than Devon, he could still fall into her trap. Franky doesn't have such issues, but Devon is likely escorted by Lafitte, an individual who is bound to be more powerful than the Straw Hat crew's cyborg and possibly even than Sanji himself.

When women are involved, Sanji always gets into trouble (Image via Toei Animation, One Piece)
When women are involved, Sanji always gets into trouble (Image via Toei Animation, One Piece)

Teach might have sent Devon and Lafitte, whose abilities are very useful for stealth missions, to retrieve Vegapunk or one of his satellite bodies, so that he could force them to work for him. As such, Devon capturing Sanji and Franky to use their appearances and infiltrate Egghead wouldn't be too farfetched.

However, this is where the flaws of this popular theory become apparent. The manga shows Sanji grabbing the VegaTank and, shortly after, Franky doing the same thing. Clearly, it wouldn't make any sense for Devon to approach Vegapunk as Sanji and then, under everyone's eyes, immediately transform into Franky.

Such a thing would immediately blow up her cover, revealing her as an impostor with shapeshifting powers. Moreover, when Sanji grabs the VegaTank, it can clearly be seen that the seat beside Vegapunk Atlas is empty, but when Franky grasps the vehicle, there is someone sitting next to Atlas.

This means that Sanji reached the VegaTank, entered it, and sat down next to Atlas, with Franky then getting to the vehicle. The fact that Vegapunk Lilith is shown alongside Franky also implies that the latter is the real one, as Devon can only impersonate one person at a time.

In the initial raw scans, it was more difficult to see Sanji having already entered the VegaTank when Franky grabbed it, but with the high-quality scanlation, it appears more clearly. Admittedly, this completely disproves the theory about Devon's involvement.

Rather than her shapeshifting abilities, the actual danger for Sanji, Franky, Vegapunk, and Atlas was represented by Kizaru, who aimed one of his lasers at them. Luckily, Luffy arrived in time to save them, redirecting Kizaru's attacks with the unreal powers of his Gear 5 transformation.

With regards to the event featured in One Piece chapter 1093, it clearly wasn't the case, but the fact remains that Devon and the other officers of the Blackbeard Pirates pose a real threat, as they are hiding somewhere, waiting for the right time to make their move.

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