One Piece chapter 1116: Major spoilers to expect

One Piece chapter 1116: Major spoilers to expect (Image via Toei Animation)
One Piece chapter 1116: Major spoilers to expect (Image via Toei Animation)

With the series set to not take a one-week break following its latest release, fans are excitedly discussing what the upcoming One Piece chapter 1116 could possibly have in store for them. Likewise, fans are also desperately searching every corner of the internet for any verifiable spoilers they can find on these upcoming events.

Unfortunately, though, there are no reputable leaks for One Piece chapter 1116 available yet. While the series’ spoiler process should begin later this week, recent anti-manga piracy efforts in Japan have brought the process’ longevity into question. Likewise, it’s possible the series’ spoiler process is shut down at any time without warning, including this release week.

Thankfully, though, there are some aspects of and events within One Piece chapter 1116 which fans can count on being present in Shueisha’s release. Unsurprisingly, much of that revolves around the continuing message of Dr. Vegapunk, who seems set to continue elaborating on the Void Century war and the Ancient Weapons it birthed.

One Piece chapter 1116 likely to give fans concrete info on Ancient Weapons and their origins

One Piece chapter 1116 will likely open up with a continued focus on Imu, which should in turn answer whether or not he’s still listening to Dr. Vegapunk’s message. If he is, fans can expect to see him begin making his way toward a Transponder Snail, likely in preparation of telling the Gorosei that he’s using the Mother Flame on Egghead Island.

From here, focus will likely shift back to Egghead, where the next section of Dr. Vegapunk’s message will be revealed. This will likely focus on the Ancient Weapons, revealing details regarding their origins, functionality, and where they could currently be in the world.

While Uranus is the only one fans don’t know the location of, it would nevertheless be nice to see this info teased or set up, even if Dr. Vegapunk himself can’t confirm it as fact.

One Piece chapter 1116 should then shift focus to Nami’s group, who is likely in the most dire situation of all the Straw Hat groups following Gorosei member Saint Ethanbaron V. Nusjuro’s attack on the Labo-Phase cloud.

Her and the others will likely be shown getting into the Thousand Sunny and hoping for the best, with Zoro and Jinbe instead falling to the ground due to still not having met up with Nami’s group.

In turn, this should excitingly set up Zoro versus Nusjuro, but it’s unlikely the pair meet in the upcoming issue. Instead, the focus will likely shift from the falling Zoro and Jinbe to Gorosei members Saint Marcus Mars and Saint Jaygarcia Saturn, who will likely rendezvous to exit the Labo-Phase section.

One Piece chapter 1116 will likely see Nusjuro reveal his plan to the other Gorosei members as eliminating the Transponder Snail as quickly as possible if it is on the Labo-Phase cloud.

However, as the cloud crashes down into the island, it’s likely that Dr. Vegapunk’s broadcast will continue, in turn confirming that the Transmission Transponder Snail was not in the Labo-Phase.

Imu will likely contact the Gorosei at this point, revealing his intentions considering their failures thus far. As this happens, Dr. Vegapunk’s message is likely to begin touching on the leader of the group which opposed Joy Boy, in turn setting up some information on Imu being revealed.

However, the issue is likely to end before any significant info is revealed, especially if Imu is moving to attack Egghead Island as this section of Dr. Vegapunk’s message begins.

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