One Piece Episode 1012: Tobi Roppo reintroduced, Yamato's friend, and more

The Tobi Roppo are the primary focus of One Piece Episode 1012 (Image via Toei Animation)
The Tobi Roppo are the primary focus of One Piece Episode 1012 (Image via Toei Animation)

One Piece Episode 1012 was officially released on Saturday, February 26, across streaming platforms Funimation and Crunchyroll for international viewers. While the pacing was better in this episode, room for improvement is still present, and will likely be evident in the coming weeks as well.

Despite the adaptation's continued pacing issues, One Piece Episode 1012 was incredibly engaging. Official soundtrack pairings were chosen extremely well throughout the episode, and the Tobi Roppo’s reintroductions were brilliantly done.

Follow along as this article breaks down One Piece Episode 1012 in its entirety.

Yamato’s friendship with Ace and more highlights from One Piece Episode 1012

One Piece Episode 1012: Live floor trouble

One Piece Episode 1012 begins with a focus on Yamato, Momonosuke, and Shinobu at Onigashima’s harbor. Beast pirate fodder and pieces of the island are seen falling off as well.

Momonosuke begins questioning if this is even real, furthering this train of thought by wondering just how strong Kaido is. Yamato curses her father while turning away from the port, and eventually, the perspective shifts to the man himself atop the Skull Dome.

One Piece Episode 1012 then focuses on the Live Floor, where Brook, Robin, Chopper, and Zoro are all staring at the recently arrived Marco. Queen is also staring at Marco, but in angry disbelief at his presence and intervention.

Chopper once more announces the importance of using fire to slow the Ice Oni virus, while Marco looks around at the situation.

Robin then points out that the virus is now very widespread, and it’ll be hard to get the fire to everyone who needs it. Marco follows up by using his Phoenix Flame on Chopper, who begins saying that the flame is burning him. This prompts Zoro and Brook to rush Marco, who easily dodges.

Brook then goes to help Chopper, accidentally touching the flame and, in the process, realizing it isn’t hot at all. The latter comes to his senses, before saying the flames aren’t burning him and are neither hot or cold, but comfortably warm. Suddenly, the Mink nurse and doctor pair, Tristan and Miyagi appear, and get surrounded by Ice Oni.

Marco intervenes, using a move called Phoenix Pyreapple to save them and spread his flames throughout the battlefield. The move is essentially a sweeping cycle of his phoenix flames, which he receives from his Mythical Zoan Devil Fruit, the Tori Tori no Mi: Phoenix Model.

The phoenix flames are then shown healing some of the infected Ice Oni, bringing them back to their senses in the process. This includes Ohmasa, who was seemingly about to begin attacking Hyogoro. Chopper thanks Marco, who responds by saying not to thank him, since everyone’s flames are dependent on their own physical stamina.

Marco reaffirms that this means he’s only bought Chopper a little bit of time, which the doctor is still incredibly thankful for. He, Miyagi, and Tristan then get to work on producing the antibodies, when Chopper again announces his intent to save both friends and foes alike.

This angers Queen, who curses Chopper and Marco under his breath before telling the Beast Pirates to capture Chopper. He follows up by saying Chopper is lying to them, but if they get the antibodies back, then none of them will die. Unfortunately, they fall for this act, and begin approaching him with evil intent.

The other Straw Hats are seen moving to defend him, while Marco offers to fly Zoro up to Kaido. He also says that all the Straw Hats are too good to be stuck on the Live Floor, prompting Brook to protest their having to defend Chopper. As he says this, the samurai move into position to protect Chopper in their stead.

One Piece Episode 1012: The Tobi Roppo reintroduced

Suddenly, Apoo gets back up, and rushes Chopper while demanding the antibodies back. Unexpectedly, X Drake appears in the animal form of his Ancient Zoan Dragon-Dragon Fruit: Allosaurus Model. He intercepts Apoo, then essentially asking Zoro if he can join the Straw Hats in this fight. He agrees to this, essentially saying Drake has made the right choice.

One Piece Episode 1012 then shifts perspective yet again to Luffy and Jinbe, who are making their way through the fourth floor. The two are still calling out to Sanji, with Jinbe still incorrectly complimenting Sanji for sensing a strong enemy. Luffy responds saying he needs to work on his Observation Haki since he can’t even sense Sanji’s presence.

The two then suddenly enter a room, where both agree they sense many strong enemies. Many Gifters suddenly appear, subsequently rushing the two before being fended off by Jinbe. He tells Luffy to go on ahead, who does so while reminding Jinbe they still need to toast his joining the crew.

Who’s Who suddenly appears in his Zoan form, but does not get a Devil Fruit introduction like other Tobi Roppo do in this episode. Fans will likely learn this information next episode, which will expectedly follow up their confrontation with this information.

One Piece Episode 1012 then takes fans to the Right-Brain Tower of the Skull Dome, where Franky is fighting the Armored Division. He launches several of General Franky’s long-range weapons at the Division, before ending on a General Cannon. This, however, prompts Sasaki to step in front of it and save his men.

Sasaki transforms, revealing his Fruit to be the Ancient Zoan, Dragon Dragon-Fruit: Triceratops Model. He then calls himself the strongest creature which ever lived, to which Franky responds by saying it’ll be a good test for his mech. The two then clash, where the scene changes as the camera closes in on a screaming Franky.

One Piece Episode 1012 then cuts to an unknown area seemingly outside of the Skull Dome, where Page One and Ulti are seen bursting through a wall. One Piece Episode 1012 then reintroduces the two and their Devil Fruits, both Ancient Zoan and Dragon-Dragon Fruit types. Page One has the Spinosaurus Model, while Ulti has the Pachycephalosaurus Model.

The two are angrily looking for Nami, Usopp, Otama, and Komachiyo, who have since fled from the two’s current area. Hihimaru then walks through the wall the two knocked down, confronting them yet again by rushing Page one. Page One responds in kind, attacking and knocking them out yet again.

Ulti then discusses Nami and friends again, reaffirming her desire to crush all of them for their insolence. This prompts Hihimaru to remember his task, which is to hold the two off for three minutes. Getting back up one last time, he once again rushes the two.

One Piece Episode 1012 then pulls away from the scene, showing Onigashima at large and a pillar of light being seen. This is implied to be from Hihimaru and Page one, and the explosion grows until it covers the screen.

One Piece Episode 1012 then switches to Nami, who says it's now been three minutes. Usopp is still knocked out sitting by her, while she and Otama begin worrying about Hihimaru. Perspective shifts back to the now unconscious Hihimaru, where perspective focuses in on his yellow eye before cutting to black.

One Piece Episode 1012: Yamato’s friend

One Piece Episode 1012 then takes viewers to the Forbidden Storehouse, where Yamato, Momo, and Shinobu are now hiding. The former assures them it’s safe down here, since leaving the island is no longer an option for them.

Shinobu beings talking to Momonosuke, attempting to move but collapsing from her injuries. He and Yamato tell her to rest, which she happily does. He then asks Yamato about the dragon statue seen in the storeroom with them.

She smiles, before saying that it used to be at the island’s entrance until her friend broke it. Several shots of flames are then seen, all of which pull away to reveal a different body part. Eventually, it becomes clear that her friend was none other than Ace.

In One Piece Episode 1012's final moments, Yamato warmly remembers Ace and introduces him as her friend to Momonosuke. In the final line of the episode, she tells him that he broke it when he came here to kill her father, Kaido.

One Piece Episode 1012: Wrapping up

Although pacing is still an issue with the adaptation, One Piece Episode 1012 does a good job of keeping viewers engaged. The reintroduction of the Tobi Roppo, as well as setting up some of their final fights, is fantastically done.

Furthermore, every episode seems to be bringing anime-only fans closer and closer to the praised “Roof Piece,” which is seemingly just a few short episodes away. Even beyond this fact, this episode still does a good job of getting fans excited for the immediate and long-term future of the Onigashima Raid.

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