One Piece episode 1074: Momonosuke resolves to protect Wano, Luffy showcases Gomu Gomu no Lightning, while the samurais see hope

Gear 5 Luffy as seen in One Piece episode 1074 (Image via Toei)
Gear 5 Luffy as seen in One Piece episode 1074 (Image via Toei)

With the release of One Piece episode 1074 on Sunday, September 3, 2023, fans got to see the Straw Hat captain back in action against the captain of the Animal Kingdom Pirates after a one-week break. The episode, titled I Trust Momo - Luffy's Final Powerful Technique!, stands out for its exceptionally well-animated Gear 5 fight scenes.

In the previous episode, viewers witnessed the ongoing battle between Luffy and Kaido, where the former's remarkable Devil Fruit abilities were explored further. He could easily transform his surroundings into rubber, including his opponent's body. Meanwhile, Raizo found a way to stop the fire from spreading throughout Onigashima.

Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers.

In One Piece episode 1074, Luffy showed the extent of his Devil Fruit powers by turning lightning into rubber

Momonosuke remembers his goal

A young Momonosuke as seen in One Piece episode 1074 (Image via Toei)
A young Momonosuke as seen in One Piece episode 1074 (Image via Toei)

One Piece episode 1074 opened with Yamato still trying to convince Momonosuke to create Flame Clouds. But Momonosuke's despair grew as each flame cloud he created vanished instantly.

Momonosuke was reminded of the time when he was asked by his mother to accompany Kinemon and travel twenty years into the future and rebuild the Kozuki Clan. Even then he had doubted his abilities to fulfill this role, as he was only a child.

Ultimately, it was Kinemon's determination that had persuaded Momonosuke to leave his mother and sister behind. Kinemon was burdened by his inability to protect his master Oden, who had given him the responsibility of opening Wano's borders.

Kinemon was determined not to die before completing this mission. But if he were indeed to meet his end, he wished to do so wielding a sword, like a true samurai.

The episode then cut to the present where Momonosuke's newfound determination to protect Wano by stopping Onigashima stemmed from his goal to become the Shogun of Wano. It was also a responsibility bestowed on him by his mother.

Luffy has a new move

Luffy as seen in One Piece episode 1074 (Image via Toei)
Luffy as seen in One Piece episode 1074 (Image via Toei)

The fight between Luffy and Kaido continued in One Piece episode 1074. Luffy was seen catching lightning with his bare hands and hurling it at Kaido. Luffy was then seen transforming numerous lightning bolts into rubber, bouncing around with their help, and launching several attacks.

Throughout the battle, Kaido remained unconvinced that Devil Fruit powers could conquer the world. Instead, he upheld the supremacy of Haki.

Next, Kaido unleashed a barrage of cutting blows, taking advantage of Luffy's vulnerability. Then he burned the Straw Hat captain to a crisp.

But Luffy returned with his hand in a giant shape, covered with Haki, poised to hit Kaido. This scared Momonosuke as it seemed that he could punch a hole through Onigashima, and that way, the island would collapse. However, Luffy assured Momonosuke by telling him that he trusts him.

The samurais of Wano rejoice

The samurais of Wano as seen in One Piece episode 1074 (Image via Toei)
The samurais of Wano as seen in One Piece episode 1074 (Image via Toei)

In One Piece episode 1074, it was shown that parts of Onigashima were still on fire. The trapped samurais began to panic, but they were quickly reminded that Onigashima collapsing simply meant that Kaido had been outmatched by Luffy.

The samurais might lose their lives if Luffy wins, but their families living in Wano will be saved from slave labor.

Elsewhere, Hiyori found herself in danger when the Seastone nail that had paralyzed Orochi fell off due to Onigashima being unstable. Orochi, who was still on fire, transformed into his Zoan form and resolved to kill Hiyori before he died.

A quick summary of One Piece episode 1073

Kaido versus Luffy (Image via Toei Animation)
Kaido versus Luffy (Image via Toei Animation)

In the previous episode, Kaido appeared pleased by Luffy's impudence, although he wanted to make his opponent suffer losses greater than he has suffered due to the raid.

When he reminded Luffy of allies trapped in the burning castle, the Straw Hat captain remained unfazed. He had complete trust in his comrades to handle the situation.

While Luffy and Kaido continued to fight, Raizo, who had stored seawater in his scroll, managed to put off the fire raging in Onigashima. In the meantime, Yamato convinced Momonosuke to create flame clouds to stabilize the floating island, preventing it from crashing into Wano.