One Punch Man chapter 176: Psykos's Third Eye foresees God, Fubuki and Tatsumaki take on Tsukuyomi

One Punch Man - Psykos and Fubuki
Psykos and Fubuki (Image via Twitter/@hehevich)

One Punch Man chapter 176 is out as fans finally learn what Psykos saw through her Third Eye. Until now, fans were unaware of what drove Psykos into madness, however, in chapter 176, it is clear that her descent to madness was not without reason.

The previous chapter saw Fubuki heading to meet Psykos when she asked Saitama to tag alongside her. Meanwhile, a member of a mysterious group known as Tsukuyomi had already met up with Psykos as he meant to conduct experiments on her to learn more about her Third Eye ability.

One Punch Man chapter 176 follows Fubuki as she tries to find out more about Psykos's Third Eye

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One Punch Man chapter 176, titled Epicenter, opens with Psykos's backstory from when she was still in high school. She was delighted that the Society for Supernatural Research was seeing an increased number of members as she would constantly give updates about the same to President Fubuki.

It was evident that Psykos wanted to gain strength as she would openly admit that Fubuki was far stronger than herself. Thus, she was seen trying to learn a new technique called the "Third Eye" that would allow her to see into the future. While her goal was to help their organization become huge enough to rival Tatsumaki, she also knew that learning Third Eye would help her predict the future, just like the Great Prophet Shibabawa.

Psykos as seen in One Punch Man chapter 176 (Image via Shueisha)
Psykos as seen in One Punch Man chapter 176 (Image via Shueisha)

After Psykos started grasping Third Eye, she seemingly started going crazy as she would have head-splitting headaches, followed by imagery from the future. Based on the future Psykos saw, she saw no merit in world domination because all Homo Sapiens did was inadvertently devour everything. Thus, according to her, it would be best for the chosen ones to sweep all Homo Sapiens and erase them from Earth.

This is when the backstory cuts to the flashback of Fubuki and Psykos fighting during the Garou incident as Fubuki managed to win against her former Vice-President. As Fubuki tried to look into Psykos's mind to understand what she saw in the future, she saw an enormous body lurking over Earth. While she herself was unaware of what that was, it seems like Psykos's Third Eye had predicted the arrival of God on Earth.

Tatsumaki entering the Hero Association HQ in One Punch Man chapter 176 (Image via Shueisha)
Tatsumaki entering the Hero Association HQ in One Punch Man chapter 176 (Image via Shueisha)

One Punch Man chapter 176 then switches to real-time as Fubuki interrupts the Tsukuyomi member's visit with Psykos. She warned everyone to leave the room as her sister Tatsumaki was set to arrive to "incarcerate" Psykos, but in reality, it was Tatsumaki who had asked Fubuki to help her create a scene as they would together protect Psykos from Tsukuyomi. Tatsumaki confirmed in the chapter that the organization that used her like a guinea pig was Tsukuyomi.

As Tatsumaki arrived on the scene, the whole place started falling apart as Tatsumaki "attacked" Psykos. In the process, she also pushed away the Tsukuyomi member in an attempt to take him down, but he soon got back up.

Tatsumaki as seen in One Punch Man chapter 176 (Image via Shueisha)
Tatsumaki as seen in One Punch Man chapter 176 (Image via Shueisha)

Just as Saitama was starting to get pissed off at the three espers and the destruction they were causing, Fubuki started speaking to Saitama. She expressed how happy she was that he had come along with her. She believed that he was the one who defeated Garou, as both Saitama and Garou seemed like beings who had ascended to a higher level.

But this is when the espers' battle caused the floor to split open, followed by Saitama falling into it. The floor right below the Special Internment Facility was the Demon-Level Monsters Containment Level, where Saitama could now be stuck until he defeats all the monsters.

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