One Punch Man chapter 177: Tatsumaki defeats the Tsukuyomi, threatens the Blizzard group 

One Punch Man chapter 177: Tatsumaki and Fubuki
Tatsumaki and Fubuki as seen in One Punch Man (Image via Madhouse, Twitter/@waifubuki)

One Punch Man chapter 177 is finally out as fans get to see the conclusion to the fight between the two espers, the Tsukuyomi member and Tatsumaki. Meanwhile, Saitama has fallen into the Demon-Level Monsters Containment Level, which in itself could create quite a havoc, enough to bring down the whole complex.

The previous chapter showed fans a flashback of Fubuki and how she saw God through Psykos' Third Eye. Meanwhile, in real-time, Fubuki and Tatsumaki were pretending to be at odds, as they both tried to take down the Tsukuyomi member in hopes of saving Psykos. Their fight shook the whole building, splitting the floor apart, enough to get Saitama out of the scene.

One Punch Man chapter 177: Tatsumaki saves the day, defeats the Tsukuyomi

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One Punch Man chapter 177, titled The Supernatural & Risks, opens with a scene from the citizen area, where a couple is seen having food, glad that the Hero Association's new complex was built to protect them from any danger. This is when the whole floor starts shaking due to the fight between Tatsumaki and the Tsukuyomi, which in turn leads to chaos at the Demon-Level Monsters Containment Level.

Meanwhile, as the fight between the Tsukuyomi and Tatsumaki starts to get intense, the Tsukuyomi member activates the sleep medicine that Fubuki had been spiked with. The Tsukuyomi member hinted at a spy having infiltrated the Blizzard group ranks to do the same. As he threatened to activate a deadly poison within Fubuki, Tatsumaki stopped her rampage.

Tsukuyomi member as seen in One Punch Man chapter 177 (Image via Shueisha)
Tsukuyomi member as seen in One Punch Man chapter 177 (Image via Shueisha)

The Tsukuyomi member immediately started using one of his abilities to capture Tatsumaki, soon after which he used his abilities to levitate all three espers, Tatsumaki, Fubuki, and Psykos. Just then, the soy within the Blizzard group also revealed himself as they were all set to escape the facility. This is when the floor started rumbling, as Saitama and the remains of some monster splashed through the corridor.

Tatsumaki took this opportunity to break through, as all this time she was using her esper powers to detect the medicine within Fubuki to manipulate it into a needle shape. She then proceeded to pull it out of her body, causing minimal damage. She used the same poison needle to pierce the Tsukuyomi member in the eye. Surprisingly, he didn't pass away, following which Tatsumaki captured him.

Tatsumaki as seen in One Punch Man chapter 177 (Image via Shueisha)
Tatsumaki as seen in One Punch Man chapter 177 (Image via Shueisha)

As the Blizzard group were left with questions and concerns for Fubuki, they circled around her. This is when Tatsumaki snapped as she knew that her group's members pulled her down. Thus, she asked her sister stay away from the group. Following this, Tatsumaki even threatened to harm the Blizzard group enough to ensure that they don't become heroes again. This is when Saitama interrupts her.

Final thoughts on One Punch Man chapter 177

One Punch Man chapter 177 saw Tatsumaki trying to split her sister Fubuki away from her Blizzard group as she revealed in her mind how she would not be able to protect all of them in a time of danger. Moreover, they posed a weakness for Fubuki, thus she wanted them to stay away from her sister.

Now that Saitama has interrupted the same, fans will have to wait and find out what is set to happen in the future.

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