One Punch Man's Saitama vs Dragon Ball's Whis: Who would win?

Saitama vs Whis (Images via Toei Animation and Madhouse)
Whis vs Saitama (Images via Toei Animation and Madhouse)

Every once in a while, series like Dragon Ball and One Punch Man come up with characters that are so strong that they’re capable of destroying a large chunk of characters from the entire shonen genre.

In this case, characters like Goku, Zeno, Whis, and Saitama are constantly compared because they have managed to do some of the most outrageous things, like destroying planetary bodies.

Saitama vs Goku from Dragon Ball has been the topic of discussion for years, and it doesn’t seem to stop anytime soon. However, some One Punch Man and Dragon Ball fans have been wondering about the outcome of a hypothetical battle involving Whis and the Caped Baldy.

Let’s look at some of their feats and potential to understand who the winner of this battle would be.

Disclaimer: This article contains major spoilers from the One Punch Man manga and reflects the author's opinion.

Comparing the characters’ feats from One Punch Man and Dragon Ball

Before we get into this comparison, it is essential to understand that it is nearly impossible to determine a winner simply by comparing their feats. This is because the rules governing each series’ universes/multiverses are quite different.

Another important thing to remember is that One Punch Man is a gag anime and manga series, which translates to numerous elements diverting from logic and the rules governing the One Punch Man universe. Therefore, it is difficult to accurately determine this hypothetical fight’s winner.

Whis' feats

Being an angel and the attendant to Beerus, the God of Destruction of Universe 7, Whis is one of the strongest characters in the Dragon Ball series. Keeping a character like Beerus in check is a feat in itself. Beerus is so strong that he has destroyed planets just by sneezing. But, Whis beat Beerus with just one move, which puts him at least on a universal/multiversal level in the Dragon Ball series.


While Whis might be laid-back, there is no doubt that he will intervene when needed. Whis was toying with Ultra Instinct Goku as well. Vegeta and Goku attempted to land punches on Whis, and when they did, he blocked it with his index and little fingers. Whis is also considered the fastest being in Universe 7, enabling him to move quickly and dodge his opponents' attacks.

Saitama's feats

Saitama has limitless potential and constant growth, making him one of the strongest characters in the One Punch Man series. He took on Garou, who understood the flow of all energies and forces. Saitama almost destroyed Jupiter using his Serious Sneeze. The Caped Baldy also managed to travel back in time to save many people from dying due to the radiation produced by Garou.

In terms of speed, Saitama was able to react to Garou's moves with ease, even though the former Hero hunter generated hyperspace gates. Saitama's endurance is also top-tier since he was able to withstand the nuclear radiation that Cosmic Fear Mode Garou was emitting during the fight.

Final thoughts

Whis is clearly stronger than Saitama and would beat Saitama in his current state. One argument that fans often have is that Saitama is limitless and is constantly growing.

That being said, his growth rate isn't clearly defined, and it's difficult to predict how long it would take Saitama to get to Whis' level. There is a possibility that Saitama could surpass Whis if the manga continues for a long time, but Whis is the clear winner of this battle.

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