Dragon Ball (Theory): Whis’ priority was always Goku, not Beerus

Whis (Image via Toei Animation)
Whis (Image via Toei Animation)

With Dragon Ball confirmed to return next year, fans are very excited to see Goku and his friends embark on yet another exciting adventure. Goku’s journey, ever since he was a kid, has landed him under mentors of all kinds to help him reach the strength he has now. In this regard, the contribution of Whis is probably incomparable.

Whis made his debut in the Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods movie, appearing as an Angel from Universe 7 who is the attendant of the God of Destruction, Beerus. Whis' unfathomable abilities are unquestionable and this character has performed many pivotal feats in the anime so far.

Whis decided to train both Goku and Vegeta, acknowledging both their limitless potential. In fact, it would have been highly improbable for Goku to unlock Ultra Instinct if not for his new mentor. This has effectively raised a question among the Dragon Ball fanbase- Was Whis’ priority always Goku and not Beerus?

Today we will talk about this theory in detail and see if Whis has always kept his eyes on Goku and prioritized him, rather than the God of Destruction, Beerus.

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The true intention of Whis behind training Goku in Dragon Ball Super

Why does Whis prioritize Goku over Beerus?

Whis showing his powers against Beerus (Image via Toei Animation)
Whis showing his powers against Beerus (Image via Toei Animation)

The presence of an omnipotent angel around the main protagonist of Dragon Ball has completely altered the flavor of the anime. Unlike previous encounters, Goku now has someone always watching over his back.

Without training under Whis, Goku would never have learned his most powerful technique - Ultra Instinct. So what does this angel find so interesting in one of the last survivors of the Saiyan race?

Firstly, Beerus had never encountered someone who could match up to his strength. Although Goku and Vegeta are still miles away from standing up to the God of Destruction, the former’s training under Whis in Dragon Ball Super has made him far more capable and stronger than ever.

Contrary to Vegeta’s powers which coincide more in line with the God of Destruction, Whis sees in Goku, the ability to master the techniques of the angels.


For instance, during the Tournament of Power arc in Dragon Ball Super, everyone was completely taken aback when Goku tapped into the Autonomous Ultra Instinct.

This elite power was claimed to be one of the highest techniques that even some of the Gods had trouble achieving. There is no doubt that Goku, a mere mortal Saiyan, could only achieve this thanks to his endless training sessions with Whis.

Whis is already aware of the huge amount of power and ki that resides within Goku. But what the main protagonist lacks is fine-tuning them to a level where his own transformations don’t act as a double-edged spear.

For example, Goku’s strongest transformation before he achieved the Super Saiyan God state was the Super Saiyan 3, which was insanely strong, yet it completely drained his stamina within mere minutes.


The angel wants to utilize this raw potential and make Goku realize his true strength where he doesn’t have to rely on transformations. After all, the Autonomous Ultra Instinct is not really a transformation, it is more akin to a state of mind where the user keeps his heart calm and instincts sharp at all times.

Whis training Goku in Dragon Ball Super manga (Image via Shonen Jump)
Whis training Goku in Dragon Ball Super manga (Image via Shonen Jump)

Beerus, on the other hand, is a God of Destruction who is bound by his role in causing the destruction of planets in his universe. He cannot exercise his power to protect because that is against the rules that set the standard for all Gods of Destruction.

This is justified considering how overpowered he appears from the onset. In fact, Beerus is so strong that he was able to handle multiple Gods of Destruction from other universes using his Ultra Instinct in Dragon Ball Super.

Whis is aware of the dangers that are about to ensue

Whis knows of the upcoming dangers that are about to ensue in the upcoming arc of Dragon Ball Super. However, being an angel, they are bound by a rule to not interfere with any events or to favor any mortal being. However, Whis has already smartly broken this rule once already by reversing the time to save Goku, Vegeta, and the entire Earth during the Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ’F' movie.

Now, fans of Dragon Ball might argue that Whis could have just chosen to make Vegeta his sole candidate. But that is untrue. Goku and Vegeta are eternal rivals who make each other stronger by leveling up.

Vegeta lacks the demeanor of the angels while having an image substantially closer to that of a God of Destruction. If the Saiyan Prince does manage to ascend to that title, there is no one better than Goku to watch over him.