One Punch Man: Why did Saitama lie about Deep Sea King? Explained

Why did Saitama lie to the civilians after fighting Deep Sea King in One Punch Man? (Image via Pierrot)
Why did Saitama lie to the civilians after fighting Deep Sea King in One Punch Man? (Image via Pierrot)

Saitama vs. Deep Sea King is a fight that every One Punch Man fan is aware of. This is one of the first fights in the series that nearly killed Genos, who was an S-class hero. Those who watched this fight for the first time were worried about the wounded heroes. Even Mumen Rider almost died, but his unyielding sense of justice gave Saitama enough time to save everyone there.

The Caped Baldy was able to beat the Deep Sea King with one singular punch, shocking all the citizens who were stuck there. While Saitama was a hero, he didn’t react in a way that fans expected him to. He ended up lying to the people there and made it look like he was a fraud who took credit for other heroes’ efforts.

One Punch Man fans want to know why Saitama lied and why he didn’t prove his strength when he had the opportunity to do so. Let’s look at Saitama’s personality and the events that transpired, which will give us some clarity on this situation.

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One Punch Man: Understanding why Saitama lied to the bystanders during the Deep Sea King fight

Before we get into this topic, it is vital to understand Saitama's power levels. Saitama was a regular human being who decided to become a hero after saving a child from Crablante. During his training period, he broke his limiters and became the strongest character that the series has shown so far.

He is so powerful that nothing excites him anymore, and the only thing he wants to break the monotony of his life is a fight that would push him to the limits.


Hence, something like people's perception of him is pretty irrelevant to the Caped Baldy. Nothing fazes him, and he simply doesn't care about most things in life.

When he fought against Deep Sea King, he realized that many heroes almost sacrificed their lives to save the people around them. The One Punch Man protagonist witnessed both Mumen Rider and Genos, who were on the verge of dying.

When one of the bystanders started talking negatively about the heroes, Saitama didn't want heroes like Genos and Mumen Rider not to get the credit they deserved.

One rude bystander assumed that heroes were meant to serve and protect them simply because of the donations they were getting from the citizens. While the role of heroes is to serve the citizens and safeguard their lives, it doesn't hurt to be thankful for their efforts.

This is what Saitama said after the rude civilian finished talking:

"Today is my lucky day. The other heroes wore the monster down, so beating it was kid's play. Good thing I came late. I barely did a thing and now I get credit for it. Hey, spread the word, all of you. I'm the one who finished the monster off. I'll beat the snot out of anyone that says it's only 'cause I got here late."

Saitama didn't tolerate people speaking ill of others who do good, which is why he spoke in a manner that changed their perception of him. He became the bad guy in an attempt to stop the civilians from speaking ill about the heroes who put their lives on the line to save them.

While One Punch Man didn't explicitly mention the reason, understanding Saitama's personality and circumstances gives us an insight into why he lied to the civilians after that fight.

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