Ousama Ranking episode 19 focuses on Miranjo’s innate kindness, the Big Four fight Ouken

Ousama Ranking episode 19 highlights (Image via Wit Studio)
Ousama Ranking episode 19 highlights (Image via Wit Studio)

In keeping with the ongoing tradition of the series, Ousama Ranking episode 19 combine the different facets of mortal nature with jaw-dropping fight scenes. Director Arifumi Imai has provided today’s episode with probably the best camerawork of the season so far.

But while the visual aspect of Ousama Ranking is getting better and better, it is still no match for the depth and brilliance of the plot. Additionally, viewers finally received some information on the red-skinned child from the opening theme.

[Disclaimer: This article will feature gruesome depictions of violence and gore. Discretion is advised.]

Ousama Ranking episode 19 leaves the fates of Bojji, Kage, and Despa unknown, child-Miranjo is saved

Wondering how Hiling is linked to Miranjo and the Houma Kingdom 🤔[Ranking of Kings]

In the last episode of Ousama Ranking, it was revealed that Miranjo was one of the people of Houma, who practiced magic and rejected the gods. After losing the battle, they sought help from the people of Gyakuza, who betrayed them and killed Miranjo’s mother.

In the castle, Hiling healed Apeas and sent Dorshe, Domas, and Hokuro with him to help Bojji. Meanwhile, Bojji was terribly outmatched by Ouken, and in an attempt to save him, Despa got stabbed.

Ouken wounded Bojji and moved towards him with the intention to kill, but Kage turned into a large, black mass and tried to swallow the immortal swordsman.

Ousama Ranking episode 19 is titled “The Last Bastion.”

Kage swallows Ouken, the Sword-king’s retaliation

Ousama Ranking episode 19 started with Kage swallowing Ouken. But before the two young ones can rejoice, the Sword-King bursts out of Kage, seemingly killing him. Ouken proceeded to stab the shell-shocked Bojji despite Despa’s pleas, and nonchalantly took a sit near Miranjo’s mirror.

I really like how disorienting this rotation cut isOusama Ranking #19

Miranjo slipped from her mirror and seemingly possessed the assassin Red. Using a similar kind of magic to Hiling, she touched Kage, Bojji, and Despa. This magic pushes Despa through some of Miranjo’s memories before he arrives at a stone-tower overlooking a river, holding Bojji’s hand.

Miranjo’s past

Miranjo's backstory is much more tragic than what we already knew beforehand. It makes you hate the people of Gyakuza that much more. And the sad thing is that this is something common in our real world of those that do suffer physically/mentally from tormentors.#RankingOfKings

Ousama Ranking episode 19 cuts to Bosse's tale. After betraying Houma, the people of Gyakuza sought rewards from the gods, who instead ruled over them in terror and fear. The gods realized that human enlightenment had limited their influence, and they must find a new way to rule over them.

Bosse, who had been absent when Miranjo’s mother was killed, returned to Gyakuza to find the child chained to a pole in the middle of the village. Her limbs were cut off, her face likely skinned and disfigured.

It is heavily implied that she was left without food or water, on the verge of death, and might even have been a punching bag for the villagers.

I wonder. Was it the demon that caused Miranjo to become like this 🤔

Rightfully enraged and horrified, Bosse massacred the village, not even sparing a single child. He then took Miranjo and the mangled bodies of the people he killed to a doctor to get her healed. Daida, who has been watching the memory play out, is horrified at his father’s action.

When Bebin questions Bosse if the incident changed Miranjo, the king replies that it was his betrayal and torment that changed the girl. Bebin soon leaves to help Bojji, and Bosse remarks that he did the right thing by sending the prince to Despa.

Miranjo’s mind

In Miranjo’s memories, Despa sees parts of the past that Bosse describes, but he also sees a red-skinned child, who was Miranjo’s playmate. He sees Bosse caring for the child-Miranjo, and her traveling the world with him when she grew up.

It appeared as though Miranjo getting herself stuck inside the mirror had something to do with the red-skinned child.

LES JURO QUE ESTA ESCENA ME DESTROZÓ, ESTOY LLORANDO HORRIBLE 😭😭😭😭😭 cada capítulo me hace llorar una barbaridad ayuda #OusamaRanking

From the stone tower, Despa and Bojji see Kage on one side of the river, calling out to his mother on the other side. After a few comedic moments of panicking, Despa deduces that they are not, in fact, dead, but Kage may be very soon.

He realizes that they are in Miranjo’s mind, and Kage will be dead as soon as he crosses the river.

Kage and Bojji’s bond

Kage's bond with Bojji in Ousama Ranking episode 19 (Image via Wit Studio)
Kage's bond with Bojji in Ousama Ranking episode 19 (Image via Wit Studio)

As Kage tries to cross the river in a boat, Bojji frantically calls and tries to get to him, but he is stopped by an invisible wall. The boat is stopped by an adult Miranjo holding its rope.

She reminds Kage that he has unfinished business, and the latter realizes that his mother is dead and in trying to cross over, he was moving towards his demise as well.

In his crisis, Kage remembers Bojji and informs his mother that there is someone he needs to save. After a tearful farewell, Kage thanks Miranjo and goes back to the land of the living. It is unclear what happens to Bojji and Despa.

Miranjo's farewell to Daida (Image via Wit Studio)
Miranjo's farewell to Daida (Image via Wit Studio)

Inside Daida’s body, the child Miranjo begins to glow and heal. She is overjoyed upon realizing that she has been restored, and Daida’s happiness for her is palpable.

However, she soon disappears, thanking Daida for saving her and promising him that someone will come to save him soon as well.

At the land between life and death, Miranjo sees her mother and the First Queen of Bosse looking at her from across the river.

Ouken vs. the Big Four

Mitsumata tries to fight Ouken, but he stabs him and starts to drink his blood. Bebin comes to the former's rescue and is soon joined by Dorshe, Domas, and Apeas.

Hokuro finds Bojji, and despite Hiling having exhausted all her power by healing nearly everyone, Dorshe assures him that there is someone else who can heal the young prince and Despa.

Domas and Bebin try to fight Ouken, but he easily stops them using Shirasampe, the technique to paralyze the enemy. Dorshe overpowers Ouken and pins him to the ground.

However, Ouken remembers Despa’s teachings about how to make use of a single opportunity and throws Dorshe off.

There are very few action directors/animators who can keep the action flow as consistent as Arifumi Imai, especially with such complex set pieces: multiplanar action with several active characters, quick camerawork/shifts to POV shots, variable timing/spacing & layout depth used-

It is revealed that Despa gave him the title of the “Sword-King of the Underworld.” Ousama Ranking episode 19 ends as Bebin, Apeas, Domas, and Dorshe surround Ouken and prepare to fight him as the last line of defense.

Final thoughts

Something tells me that Ouken is under hypnosis or is being mind-controlled. Otherwise, why would the real raw good side of him that seems to be stuck in limbo be listening to Despa's words of empowerment for the last few or so episodes now?#RankingOfKings #OusamaRanking

Ousama Ranking episode 19 comes full circle with Daida’s kindness to child Miranjo leading her towards salvation by helping Kage. She will have to face the queen and her mother soon. Bojji will likely be the one to save Daida, spurred on by Hiling’s kindness.

Another part of Miranjo’s past that involves the red-skinned child, which will be revealed soon. Ouken might be hypnotized or controlled by magic, but he has not lost his memories. It remains to be seen how the Big Four will fare against him.

NO WAY THAT WAS 24 MINS JFC!!! I literally jumped to my screen when the episode endedOusama Ranking #19

Overall, Ousama Ranking episode 19 was extremely fast-paced and filled with too many elements. As the season reaches its climax, viewers can ext more of such episodes in the coming weeks.

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