Re:Zero - Complete watch order guide and where to watch the anime

Complete watch order guide for Re:zero (Image via White Fox Studio)
Complete watch order guide for Re:zero (Image via White Fox Studio)

Re:Zero, an action-adventure anime series, has gained immense popularity among fans of the Isekai genre. With a well-crafted plot and diverse characters, Re: Zero has amassed a dedicated and passionate fan base.

However, with multiple seasons and spin-offs, it's easy to get lost and miss out on essential episodes. Following the correct story sequence will help you understand the plot and learn more about each character.

Re: Zero's watch order of the anime and movies holds the key to a thrilling experience of discovery, danger, and the joy of friendship. To enjoy this action-packed anime, here's the complete guide.

Re:Zero - Complete watch order guide

You can watch the Re:Zero anime series in two ways: by the release dates or chronological order. Whether you should pick the release date order or chronological order depends on whether you plan to watch the whole series again after a while.

Subaru Natsuki (Image via White Fox Studio)
Subaru Natsuki (Image via White Fox Studio)

1) Release Date Watch Order

Starting with the release date order, this is the recommended way for first-time viewers to experience the series:

Season 1

Begin your journey with the first season. This season consists of 25 episodes originally aired from April to September 2016. It introduces us to Subaru Natsuki, who finds himself transported to a fantasy world and discovers that he has the power to return to a specific point in time upon death.

OVA Movies

After season 1, watch the two OVA movies "Memory Snow" and "The Frozen Bond." "Memory Snow" premiered in Japanese cinemas on October 6, 2018, while "The Frozen Bond" was released on November 8, 2019. These movies provide additional insights and expand on specific aspects of the Re:Zero story.

Season 2

Conclude your journey with the second season, which premiered on July 8, 2020. Season 2 of the anime consists of two parts, the first from July to September 2020 and the second from January to March 2021.

ONA Series

You can watch the ONA (Original Net Animation) series alongside the main anime seasons. These episodes feature chibi versions of the characters and can be enjoyed parallel to the main series.

Main Character Emilia (Image via White Fox Studio)
Main Character Emilia (Image via White Fox Studio)

2) Chronological Watch Order

For those interested in experiencing the story in chronological order, here is the recommended sequence:

Re:Zero Season 1

Watch episodes 1-11 of the original series, followed by episodes 1-5 of the "Director's Cut" version. This will provide you with the initial arc of the story.

Re:Zero Season 1

Continue with episodes 12-25 of the original series and 6-13 of the "Director's Cut." This will cover the remaining episodes of the first season.

*Note: The ONA series episodes do not have a specific place in chronological order and can be enjoyed either as recommended in the release date order or at any convenient time.

Where to Watch Re:Zero?

Fans can stream this anime online (Image via White Fox Studio)
Fans can stream this anime online (Image via White Fox Studio)

Now that you have the complete watch order, you might wonder where to watch this anime online.

Here are a few platforms where you can stream the series:

1) Crunchyroll

One of the most popular anime streaming platforms, Crunchyroll, offers both subbed and dubbed versions of this anime. This platform lets you watch all the seasons, OVAs, and ONA series.

2) Funimation

Another renowned anime streaming platform, Funimation, has the complete series available for streaming. It has both subbed as well as dubbed versions of the anime.

3) Netflix

Some regions have Re:Zero available on Netflix, allowing you to stream the series along with other popular anime titles conveniently.

Re:Zero − Starting Life in Another World is an enchanting anime series that must be experienced to appreciate its intricate storytelling and character development fully.

Following either the release date or chronological watch order provided in this guide, you can delve into Subaru's journey and witness his growth as he navigates the challenges of a parallel world.

So, whether you follow the original release or the chronological order, grab some popcorn and immerse yourself in the fascinating and thrilling world of Re:Zero.