Sarada could be Boruto's savior by the series' end, and do so by sealing Momoshiki

Sarada could play a role in Momoshiki
Sarada could play a role in Momoshiki's sealing as per a fan theory (Image via Studio Pierrot)

The Boruto manga has progressed considerably ever since the Two Blue Vortex manga chapters were first released. However, the release schedule of the manga is such that fans have to wait for an entire month for a chapter to be released. While the wait is hard, it gives fans enough time to come up with various theories predicting the outcome of certain events and the direction in which the plot will head.

One such theory revolves around Momoshiki and the involvement of Sarada Uchiha. Momoshiki has been causing problems ever since he was introduced in the series and there is no doubt he will be one of the main antagonists towards the end of the manga.

This particular fan theory in proposes the possibility of Sarada Uchiha sealing Momoshiki with the help of the Hundred Healings Seal.

Disclaimer: This article contains massive spoilers from the Two Blue Vortex manga chapters.

Sarada Uchiha could use Mitotic Regeneration: Hundred Healings to seal Momoshiki in he Boruto manga

Both Karma and the Mitotic Regeneration seals have a diamond-shaped mark on the user. The latter was used only by Sakura and Tsunade in the original series, which gave fans a glimpse of its capabilities. However, its complete usage might not have been revealed and this could be a key component in the manga. The Karma seal allows the Otsutsuki to encode a suitable vessel with their DNA, which allows them to take over the vessel’s body.

Upon a closer look at the original series, fans noticed that it was said that the Mitotic Regeneration seal came from the same era as Hagoromo. The seal’s original purpose and function might not have been revealed, which is why fans might not know its full capabilities. This was confirmed in the manga by Mitsuki when he told Kawaki that there is a lot about this technique that is not known to the world. This information was, in turn, provided by Orochimaru, who has a considerable degree of expertise in this field.

Sarada Uchiha as seen in the manga series (Image via Shueisha)
Sarada Uchiha as seen in the manga series (Image via Shueisha)

Orochimaru also figured out a way to make the Cursed Seal of Heaven, which allowed him to inject his consciousness into the target in the hopes of taking over the body. Another interesting aspect of Mitotic Regeneration is that the seal can be used on another person. In the Shippuden series, fans have seen Sakura use the seal on Obito Uchiha, giving him the ability to regenerate after being on the receiving end of many attacks.

Momoshiki as seen in the anime (Image via Studio Pierrot)
Momoshiki as seen in the anime (Image via Studio Pierrot)

Since the Mitotic Regeneration is shrouded in mystery, fans have reason to believe that it has sealing capabilities. Furthermore, the archaic nature of the seal could mean that it has the ability to seal and Otsutsuki if required. Since Sarada’s mother has the Mitotic Regeneration Seal, there is a very high possibility that she could also manage to unlock this seal. Given Sarada’s exceptional shinobi capabilities, there is a possibility of her unlocking the unknown potential of the Seal, which she could use against Momoshiki and seal him for good.

Stay tuned for more Boruto anime and manga news as 2024 progresses.

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