The Eminence in Shadow episode 6 - A new member joins Shadow Garden, Alexia finds herself in trouble

The Eminence in Shadow episode 6 review (Image via Nexus)
The Eminence in Shadow episode 6 review (Image via Nexus)

The previous episode of The Eminence in Shadow saw how Cid has finally accomplished his long-sought dream of withstanding an atomic blast by possessing powers equivalent to nuclear energy. Up until now, Iris was unaware of the Shadow Garden’s existence. However, after encountering Alpha and witnessing Shadow’s powers, she is worried about the Kingdom of Midgar and its people.

The aftermath of Shadow and Zenon’s fight has left some parts of the Capitol in rubble, causing Iris to take extra measures to ensure the protection of the people of Midgar. In episode 6, Pretenders, Gamma introduces a new member of the Shadow Garden to Cid. This article will briefly summarize the episode by dividing it into three individual narratives.

Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers for the anime series The Eminence in Shadow.

The Eminence in Shadow episode 5 highlights

Iris seeks Sherry Barnett’s help

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Episode 6 of The Eminence in Shadow kicked off with Skel and Po insisting Cid reveal the intimate details of his relationship with Alexia before the breakup. Later, the three of them headed towards a newly opened confectionary mall named Mitsuboshi to get some chocolates, which they intended to gift the girls they liked in the academy to impress them.

A girl standing outside the mall to help the customers asked Cid to follow her for a survey. She took him to the rooftop, where Gamma and her subordinates were waiting for him. The former was impressed after learning that the entire building belonged to the latter. Cid felt a little inferior in front of Gamma’s intelligence and professed her to be one of the smarties of the Seven Shadows.

At Midgar Academy, Iris demanded an audience with Sherry Barnett, who was proclaimed to be the most brilliant mind in the entirety of the Capitol. The former asked the latter to research the artefact found in the hideout of the Cult of Diablos. Sherry was initially hesitant, but getting encouraged by her father caused her to go along with Iris’ request.

Gamma bedazzles Cid with her business revenue

We'll be right back....see the backAnime: The Eminence in Shadow (Kage no Jitsuryokusha ni Naritakute!) #Anime

Gamma tripped while stepping down the stairs. Impressed by Gamma and her subordinate’s work, Cid awarded them more magic powers. The former surprised the latter by presenting one billion Zeni as her business revenue. Cid was thunderstruck after witnessing such a large amount of money for the first time.

Gamma brought his attention to a serious matter where a group of individuals donning the darkest clothes were using Shadow Garden’s name and killing people around the Capitol. Gamma promised Cid that she would find the person behind the commotion. The person who escorted Cid was introduced as Nu, the newest member of the Shadow Garden.

Nu- The Eminence in Shadow

On his way out, Cid told Gamma that he would like to buy three of the cheapest chocolates. However, the latter insisted and gifted the former the most expensive ones she had at her disposal. While rushing towards the academy, Cid sensed something and stopped immediately. He made the excuse that he wanted to relieve himself immediately and asked Skel and Po to leave without him.

Cid saves Alexia

This show is actually so funny. It's called Eminence in Shadow, if you were wondering. If you watched many animes before then you will understand the jokes even more. Like Konosuba 2 🤣

Cid deemed it was Alexia who was using Shadow Garden’s name to kill people around the Capitol. However, upon finding the latter, the former discovered that she was not involved with anything. A group of impostors cornered Alexia, but Cid, as Shadow, helped her by defeating one of them in a flash. Nu arrived at the situation and took matters into her hands.

Elsewhere, Gaunt Knight and his associate decided to retrieve the artifact from Iris. After describing last night's events, Alexia wanted to know her elder sister’s opinion on Shadow Garden. The latter proclaimed the vigilante group as big of a threat as the Cult of Diablos to the Kingdom of Midgar.

Cid gave the chocolates he got from Gamma to Sherry, who was sitting next to him. The latter was confused about why Cid would gift her chocolates, to which her father explained that the boy might like her.

Final thoughts on The Eminence in Shadow episode

#陰の実力者 The Eminence in Shadow Episode 6True, there may have been little action in the episode today, but this series always manages to entertain me.Hilarious and comical moments, I begin to get to know Gamma more and Sherry that fits into the plot

In episode 6 of The Eminence in Shadow, the identity of the Shadow Garden impostors hasn’t been revealed. However, it is apparent that they are members of the Cult of Diablos trying to retaliate by damaging Shadow Garden’s reputation. Since Cid entirely relies on the Seven Shadows, he never has to look after the affairs of Shadow Garden, which is operating on such a large scale.

Gamma, the most intelligent member of the Seven Shadows, has designated herself to manage the funds required for further missions. Cid was genuinely impressed by the money Gamma generated in such a short period of time. The sixth episode of The Eminence in Shadow introduced two members of the Cult of Diablos, who are plotting to retrieve the mysterious artifact in Iris’ possession.

#陰の実力者 The Eminence in Shadow Episode 6You know its real friendship when your buddies are covering your shitty incident in the most dramatic and comedic way possible with you theatrically presenting your acting skills on the highest level.

The upcoming episode of The Eminence in Shadow will see the newly introduced members of the Cult of Diablos clashing against the Shadow Garden and how Sherry Barnett will reciprocate Cid’s gesture.

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