The Eminence in Shadow episode 7 - Bushin Festival Tournament begins, Sherry asks Cid to be her friend

The Eminence in Shadow episode 7 review (Image via Nexus)
The Eminence in Shadow episode 7 review (Image via Nexus)

With the recent preview teaser of The Eminence in Shadow episode 7, fans of the original light novel series got immensely excited to see Rose Oriana’s debut in the anime adaptation. The previous episode saw how the false Shadow Garden wreaked havoc around the kingdom by committing murders.

Though Cid and Nu managed to stop the impostors, they still haven’t found their leader. The seventh episode of The Eminence in Shadow, A Fencing Tournament of Intrigue & Bloodshed, sees the return of the false Shadow Garden, which intends to take the students of the Midgar academy as hostages. This article will briefly summarize the episode by dividing it into three individual narratives.

Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers for the anime series The Eminence in Shadow.

The Eminence in Shadow episode 7 highlights

Nu reports to Cid about a new threat

#陰の実力者The Eminence In Shadow #07One minute detail that most anime-onlys may have missedOddly enough, the blue-haired Crimson Knight resembles the man Nu was dancing in the first picture doesn’t he? Feel free to speculate

Episode 7 of The Eminence in Shadow kicked off with Nu meeting Cid at the academy to relay everything about her interrogation. According to the former’s investigation and analysis, the impostors were orphans brainwashed by the Cult of Diablos with their specialized drugs and magic powers. Nu surmised that their enemy was trying to lure the real Shadow Garden out of hiding.

She told Cid that one of the brainwashed foot soldiers of the Cult of Diablos, Rex, also known as the Game of Betrayal, was seen around the Capitol. Cid started rambling about the Bushin Festival Tournament in which Skel and Po put his name, and Nu presumed that he was strategizing to deal with the Cult of Diablos. Cid’s elder sister won everyone’s hearts by splendidly defeating her opponent in the tournament.

Cid Kagenou vs Rose Oriana

Rose Oriana 🔥🔥😤(Source)* The Eminence in Shadow *

At the tournament, Cid learned he was up against Rose Oraina, princess of the Oriana Kingdom. The latter was also the Midgar Academy for Dark Knights Student Council President.

According to Cid, she possessed all the qualities of a story’s protagonist. Still adhering to his pursuit to remain as the main character, Cid purposely got defeated by Rose countless times and even coughed fake blood.

There will also be more room for her later, indeed already by the end of this small arc.Rose Oriana, I already imagine that she can be one of the favorite girls.Regal and refined, a noblewoman who already from her movements you can tell that she has a certain art of swordplay

Impressed by the protagonist’s fighting spirit, Rose unleashed her most powerful move. However, the referee saved the former in time and declared the latter the winner. Meeting Cid in the courtyard, Sherry showed concern for the injuries he sustained.

To thank him for the chocolates, Sherry gave Cid the cookies she had baked. The latter accepted the former’s proposal to be her friend. The protagonist didn’t want to attract more attention, so he decided to simply avoid Sherry for the time being, using his injuries as an excuse.

Fake Shadow Garden takes over Midgar Academy

Realizing Alexia was in a relationship with Cid, Sherry met her to find out if it was true. However, Sherry was delighted when Alexia revealed that her relationship was fake. The latter pretended to be happy for the former, but inside, she was distraught. At the academy, Rose announced the upcoming election to fill the vacant Student Council President position.

An ending that leaves you a little breathless.Rose Oriana being shocked at the boy who has earned her respect.We cannot know what goes on in this MC's head, but he has a spirit of sacrifice.I put the video because I feel like it 😎

Gaunt Knight erected a magic barrier that, unbeknownst to the students and the Dark Knights, engulfed the entirety of the Midgar Academy. Cid was the only person who could sense that someone had blocked the magic abilities around the premise. A few individuals proclaiming to be in the Shadow Garden barged inside the classroom.

Rose drew her sword and tried to use her magic abilities, but it didn’t work. While attacking one of the false Shadow Garden members, her sword shattered. In an attempt to save Rose, Cid got severely hurt.

Final thoughts on The Eminence in Shadow episode 7

The last few minutes of this episode totally change the atmosphere.Enemies loom toward the academy, an attack that seems studied and with a good chance that it could be the Diablos cult, continuing to sully the name Shadow garden What will be their goal?

With her interrogation, Nu has proven that the false Shadow Garden is none other than the Cult of Diablos itself. The enemy organization using Shadow Garden’s name is committing heinous crimes across the kingdom and registering them as a criminal cult. As this tactic would lure out the Seven Shadows and their leader, Gaunt Knight, one of the crucial members of the Cult of Diablos, has taken matters into his own hands.

Gaunt Knight had taken the students of Midgar Academy as his hostages because of the artifact that Iris Midgar had taken from the Cult’s hideout. The unique artifact is currently in possession of Sherry Barnett, who was assigned to decipher it. Despite retaining a power level equivalent to nuclear energy, the protagonist of The Eminence in Shadow was unable to use his magic inside Gaunt Knight’s barrier.

Episode 7 of The Eminence in Shadow ended with a cliffhanger where Cid became the class hero by getting himself hurt after protecting Rose. Despite his pledge to live as an ordinary citizen, the reason why he tried to draw attention will be revealed in the next episode.

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