Tokyo Revengers chapter 251: Hanma and Mikey join the battle, Koko comes to save Inui

Kantou Manji Gang on Tokyo Revengers chapter 251 color page (Image via Kodansha)
Kantou Manji Gang on Tokyo Revengers chapter 251 color page (Image via Kodansha)
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Aratrika Baidya

Tokyo Revengers chapter 251 gave readers what they wanted by finally making Kokonoi come to Inui’s aid. Not only that, but Hanma and Mikey also join the battle by entering into individual duels. No information about Senju or Takemichi has been disclosed in this chapter, however.

Tokyo Revengers chapter 251 is more introspective than the previous four chapters. It also answers several questions about Kokonoi’s trauma and his subsequent unhealthy coping mechanisms. Hanma’s short dialogue raises more questions about Time Leaps.

Kokonoi and Inui finally on the same side, Mikey orders Hanma to join the battle in Tokyo Revengers chapter 251

No longer defending sanzu bc tf is this #TR250

In the last chapter, Atsushi defeated Madarame, but Senju was overpowered by Sanju. Brushing off Senju’s apology, Sanju told her that she knew nothing about Mikey’s impulses. Elsewhere, Benkei joined Wakasa in their duel against Inui, while Kokonoi looked on, concerned for his friend.

Tokyo Revengers chapter 251 is titled “Get Out of Hand.”

Inui’s anger towards Benkei and Wakasa

#TR251 #TokyoRevengers251 benkei and wakasa looked thoughtful and sad, which intrigues me even more bc i still feel that they have their reasons

Tokyo Revengers chapter 251 begins with Koko warning Inui to leave the battle. Inui is angry with Benkei and Wakasa for joining the Kantou Manji gang. He reminds them of their 1st Generation Black Dragon days and demands answers for their current positions.

// #tr251 spoilers “my one and only” type of beat

Inui lands a punch on Wakasa and Benkei each, yelling that the 2nd Generation of Toman has the same spirit as Shinichiro’s beloved gang, and that is why he has chosen to follow Takemichi. While Wakasa looks guilty, Benkei is irritated and strikes Inui down. Helpless, Inui calls out to Kokonoi for assistance, calling him his:

“One true friend.”

Kokonoi’s epiphany

#TR251 #TokyoRevengers251 "i've always chosen akane over inupi, right?", the fact that this is not a statement but ends in a question makes it clear that koko was trying to convince himself bc he kept refusing to accept his true feelings

As he watches the two former Black Dragons mercilessly beat Inui, Koko seems to be frozen in place with worry. While he wants to intervene, he realizes that it is perhaps too late, given that he has chosen Kantou Manji Gang. Additionally, he has always prioritized Akane over Seishu, something Koko is both aware of and feels guilty about.

⚠️ #TR251this is so painful to read

However, when Inui calls out to him, Koko is startled into an epiphany. A vision of Akane thanks him for everything he has done, urging him to live his own life and make his own decisions. Kokonoi realizes that he has been stubborn by holding on to Akane’s memories and refusing to see Seishu properly.

With his priorities realigned, Kokonoi shields Inui from Benkei’s punch and knocks out the former Black Dragon member. Inui is understandably happy about it, and although Kokonoi calls him a troublesome guy, he looks equally pleased to be on the same side as his friend.

Hanma and Mikey join the battle

⚠️ #TR251now i'm worried

Elsewhere, Tokyo Revengers chapter 251 shows Mikey surveying the battle from his perch atop a rail bridge. Unhappy with the turn of events, Mikey orders Hanma to take care of things. Hanma pleasantly complies with the order, taking off his mask and showing readers that he remains unharmed under it.

Hakkai and Mitsuya come across Chifuyu dragging forth an injured but triumphant Atsushi. They congratulate each other on their respective wins, but Hanma suddenly appears in front of them. He challenges all four to a fight and calls them “Survivors of death.”

⚠️ #TR251time have passed really fast, isn't?

After Hanma leaves the bridge, Pah-chin comes up to Mikey. He asks Mikey if watching from above with no involvement is satisfactory, before challenging him to a duel.


Tokyo Revengers chapter 251 clarifies that Kokonoi’s trauma regarding Akane was not something only propagated by Inui. It also establishes that everyone works through their issues in their own time. It remains to be seen how Koko and Inui will stand up to Wakasa.

Hanma addressing Mitsuya and others as “survivors of death,” indicating that he knows about their deaths in the original timeline. It becomes clearer and clearer that Hanma may very well be a Time-Leaper. It would also explain how Kisaki knew about time-leaping and could recognize Takemichi as one.

#TokyoRevengers251 THIS doesn’t refer to them beating the haitanis, mochi or madarame. THIS is Hanma announcing those who were ‘destined’ to die (original timeline) have ‘survived death’ when we already have a casualty (draken) and some pieces seem to be taking places now.

Tokyo Revengers chapter 251 makes no mention of Senju. While many readers had been waiting for Haruchiyo’s perspective on Mikey’s actions, it seems that they will have to wait a bit longer. Takemichi’s fight with Kakucho also remains unresolved.

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