Tokyo Revengers chapter 253: Kantou overpowers Toman, Takemichi’s vison shows a dark future

Tokyo Revengers 253 highlights (Image via Kodansha)
Tokyo Revengers 253 highlights (Image via Kodansha)

Tokyo Revengers chapter 253 sees the return of Takemichi’s ability to see visions of the future. This was last seen during Draken’s death, and its reappearance maintains continuity in the series, a feat Wakui is often criticized over. Trains are once again established as a recurring motif in the series.

However, the future looks bleak for the members of Tokyo Manji Gang. Not only are they being defeated in their individual fights, Takemichi’s vision shows a dark fate in which they have very little chance of escaping.

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Tokyo Revengers chapter 253 shows Toman members losing their individual fights, Takemichi has another vision

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In the last chapter, Mikey defeated Pah-Chin while the latter reminded him that everyone wanted to see him happy. Kokonoi finally decided to follow Inui as they stood against Wakasa and Benkei. Hanma defeated Hakkai and Akkun with ease and moved onto fighting Mitsuya and Chifuyu.

Tokyo Revengers chapter 253 is titled “The Worst Is Come.”

Mikey vs Peh-Yan and the Kawata Twins

Tokyo Revengers chapter 253 shows Peh-Yan calling out to Mikey after Pah-Chin’s defeat and challenging him to a fight. He is joined by the Kawata twins, Angry and Smiley. Mikey is as emotionless as ever, and brutally beats up Peh-Yan and Smiley.

Angry is terrified of Mikey’s lack of sympathy towards his former friends. He is seen crying, but he did not enter the Blue Ogre mode. Mikey calmly tells him that it is over for him, but it is unclear whether he defeats Angry.

Koko and Inupi vs the living legends

Tokyo Revengers 252 - 253---------"If we go down, then we go down together"

Elsewhere, Tokyo Revengers chapter 253 sees Inui get ruthlessly beaten by Benkei. Benkei shows no mercy, which is juxtaposed by Wakasa’s attitude. Wakasa praises Kokonoi for holding up against them before knocking him out as well.

tokyo revengers 253 now wakasa decides to talk 🤨

Kokonoi and Inui fall to the ground in an arrangement which resembles the yin-yang symbol. This, combined with Koko’s declaration from the last chapter about going to hell together, makes fans worry about their fate. Around them, members of the Kantou Manji Gang cheer at Toman’s continuous losses.

Hanma’s clean sweep and Takemichi’s guilt

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Hanma can easily be seen dodging Chifuyu and knocking him out. He praises himself on doing a clean sweep and it is revealed that he beat Mitsuya as well. All four people whom he challenged are seen lying unconscious on the ground.

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Takemichi gets increasingly disheartened seeing his members lose. He falls into a spiral and begins to question his own enthusiasm, believing it to have been a reckless move. Kakucho gets increasingly angry at Takemichi’s wandering focus, and is insulted that the Toman President is not focusing on their fight.

Takemichi's vision

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Angered, Kakucho punches Takemichi and sends him flying at the train tracks. In his despair, Takemichi grabs onto the rail to pull himself up, and instantly gets a vision of the future. He sees an oncoming train that hits and kills every Toman member, other than Senju.

Haruchiyo appears to be operating the train. He smiles and tells Takemichi that he killed everyone because they were annoying him. Takemichi is jolted out of his vision and begins to question Haruchiyo’s motives. The end-notes from Tokyo Revengers chapter 253 suggest that Haruchiyo might have a more sinister goal.

Final Thoughts

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With their powerful line-up, it would have been illogical for Kantou to lose to Toman. Once Mikey, Hanma, Wakasa, and Benkei seriously join the battle, Toman could face some critical challenges. However, many questions regarding how this alliance came to be are left unanswered as of Tokyo Revengers chapter 253.

tr253//it seems sanzu is the “main” antagonist from this vision. however, what if that’s not the case? takemichi always felt like he figured things out and who would be the one to find a way past all the recon he did? kisaki. and who was kisaki’s right hand man? hanma…

The chances of Hanma and Mikey both being time-leapers is increasing with each chapter. Mikey has entered a trance of sorts which perhaps even Takemichi can no longer break. Hanma’s origin and motives remain as unclear as ever, especially regarding his sudden obedience towards Mikey.

Haruchiyo’s motives are also unknown, and his actions in the vision seem more extreme than usual. As many readers pointed out, Senju was not seen in the vision in Tokyo Revengers chapter 253, and as such, can still act to change the future. Another theory posits that like Draken, Senju might take on a future that wasn’t her own in order to save those she cares about.

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Tokyo Revengers chapter 253 helps Wakui maintain the continuity of Takemichi’s temporal powers. The future-vision was a controversial concept when Wakui first introduced it at the end of the Tenjiku arc, and was one of the few things that justified the continuation of the Bonten arc.

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