Was Himmel in love with Frieren? Relationship explained

Himmel and Frieren, as seen in the anime (Image vis studio Madhouse)
Himmel and Frieren, as seen in the anime (Image vis studio Madhouse)

Frieren has rapidly become one of the most popular series in the anime community, captivating audiences with its emotional narrative. The story unfolds as the titular character, a thousand-year-old elf mage initially detached from emotions, transforms into someone actively seeking to comprehend human emotions.

At the core of this change lies the pivotal character of Himmel and, more specifically, his death. This has often led fans to wonder whether Himmel was in love with Frieren. This article seeks to delve into the intricacies of Himmel's emotions, aiming to uncover the true depths of his feelings.

Himmel may have had feelings for Frieren

Unlike most other adventure stories, this show’s plot unfolds in the aftermath of a decade-long quest undertaken by the Hero Party, comprising Himmel, the human hero, Eisen, the dwarven warrior, Heiter, the human priest, and Frieren, the elven mage.

Despite the extensive duration of the Hero Party’s journey, there is a noticeable lack of insight into Himmel's character for the audience, mirroring the elven mage's limited understanding of him. Yet, fragments of Himmel's character emerge from their Hero Party days and Frieren's recollections, strongly suggesting that he indeed harbored romantic feelings for her.

The evidence of Himmel's romantic feelings for her lies in his significant gesture of gifting her a ring. While the anime has yet to unveil the specific circumstances surrounding this gift, its revelation would certainly provide greater clarity on Himmel's emotions toward the elf.

Himmel and the Elf (Image vis studio Madhouse)
Himmel and the Elf (Image vis studio Madhouse)

In the period when Himmel was commissioning statues for the Hero Party, but the elf mage evidently showed no interest, he expressed that his primary motivation was to prevent her from feeling lonely in the future. Although she didn't grasp the full significance of his words at that time, their true meaning became evident to her after Himmel's passing.

His foresight and consideration highlight the depth of his care for her, showcasing an understanding of the potential emotional impact of their shared experiences after Himmel passed away, and she was the only one left behind.

In the scene where the elven mage attempts to throw a flying kiss at Sein, it doesn't have the intended effect. However, she recalls the time during their Hero Party adventure days when she tried the same gesture with Himmel, and it resulted in knocking him out.

Himmel after his death (Image vis studio Madhouse)
Himmel after his death (Image vis studio Madhouse)

These events unmistakably paint a picture of his romantic feelings for her. Despite that, Himmel was aware of the differing perceptions of time between humans and elves and likely understood that a romantic relationship between them would be impractical.

This awareness possibly explains why Himmel refrained from actively pursuing a romantic connection with the elf mage. This demonstrates that Himmel and Frieren were not a couple. Nevertheless, they shared a deep companionship, and the elven mage held him in high regard.

Himmel's brief time with Frieren has left a lasting impact

After disbanding following their quest to defeat the demon king, the Hero Party members go their separate ways, promising to reunite in 50 years to witness a comet shower again. Frieren promises to take them to a better spot for the next comet shower.

She returns half a century later - which likely feels like a mere week to her - only to be greeted by the sight of her aged comrades, including a now short and bald Himmel. As they gather by the lake to observe the comet shower, the scene is simultaneously breathtaking and heart-wrenching.

Shortly after the Hero party's final adventure, Himmel passes away. While laying him to rest, the elven mage breaks down, regretting not getting to know him better during his lifetime. She comes to realize the fleeting nature of human lives, a sentiment relatable to the audience.

Final thoughts

The elven mage cries after Himmel's death (Image vis studio Madhouse)
The elven mage cries after Himmel's death (Image vis studio Madhouse)

While the narrative thus far may not explicitly confirm Himmel's love for Frieren, his actions and treatment of her unmistakably reveal his true feelings.

Whether she comprehended Himmel's feelings towards her is uncertain, but the undeniable fact remains that they shared a profound bond, and their 10-year adventure significantly alters her emotionally, despite its apparent brevity in her millennia-long life.

Despite the elf's different perception of time preventing her from realizing it, there's hope that one day she will come to understand the depth of Himmel's feelings for her, even though it's already too late for them.

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