Who is the Bomb Devil in Chainsaw Man?

Reze as seen in the series
Reze as seen in the series' manga (Image via Shueisha)

With the Chainsaw Man anime’s first cour set to end next week with the premiere of Episode 12, fans are incredibly anxious to hear news on when the anime will return. Unfortunately, that will likely not happen until the Spring 2023 lineup at the absolute earliest, with Summer 2023 being the more likely eventuality.

As a result, many anime-only watchers are expressing an intent to switch to the Chainsaw Man manga following the first-cour finale on Tuesday, December 27. With this, many will find themselves beginning the Bomb Girl arc, one of the most beloved arcs of the series thus far amongst manga readers.

Therefore, many fans are now finding themselves wanting to learn more about the arc before they go in, asking questions such as who the major players in this arc will be. Follow along as this article fully breaks down who the Bomb Devil is in Chainsaw Man.


Chainsaw Man anime fans set to switch to series’ manga are now curious to find out who Bomb Devil is

Following the Katana Man arc, fans see Denji going on a stroll and enjoying life, happy that his status at work and goal of dating Makima are both improving. Despite being tailed by Beam, the Shark Fiend, Denji continues to find pleasure in the small things in life, such as talking to and meeting new people.

He eventually meets a girl by the name of Reze after the two find themselves stuck in a phone booth together in order to escape the rain. The Chainsaw Man manga then sees the two become friends, with Denji visiting Reze’s place of work following their meeting. He continues to do so and, eventually, finds himself falling for her.

This prompts the two of them to go on some dates with each other, one of the earliest being their breaking into a school at night. The two go skinnydipping together and then walk through the halls, all the while growing closer and closer. However, unbeknownst to either of them, the two are being tailed by a psychotic killer who wants the Chainsaw Devil’s heart.

Reze eventually runs into him as she goes to the bathroom, where he takes her to the roof of the building while threatening to torture her as a means of subduing Denji. However, after some initial struggling, Reze chokes the man out while reciting a Russian poem, revealing her to not quite be who she says she is. This is further confirmed by the killer’s Devil contractor, the Typhoon Devil, calling her “Lady Reze.”

The next day, Denji and Reze go on a date at a festival, where the two are seen overlooking the festival grounds from a nearby hill, waiting for the fireworks to begin. Here, Reze asks Denji to run away with her so they can live a normal life together. While hesitant at first, Denji eventually declines, saying he enjoys his life as it is now.

As he says this, the Chainsaw Man manga shows Reze forcing herself on him for a passionate embrace and kiss, perfectly highlighted by the fireworks going off in the background. However, it’s revealed that Reze bit Denji’s tongue off, where she shortly after activates her Devil powers and reveals herself to be the Bomb Girl, host of the Bomb Devil.


It also becomes quite clear very quickly that she fully intends to kill Denji and take his heart, as well. She relentlessly pursues Denji and Beam, who was thankfully nearby and saved the initially dazed Denji from dying immediately. However, the two are pursued, with Reze showing no signs of wanting to let Denji live.

With this, yet another one of Denji’s prospective relationships is ruined, as he’s forced to fight Reze in order to subdue her and save innocent civilians. While neither ends up killing the other, the final moments of the arc, and their relationship, are still just as heartbreaking as any death could be.

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