Who is Nayuta in Chainsaw Man?

Curious fans may find Nayuta has more in common with a certain character than she appears to at first glance (Image via MAPPA Studios)
Curious fans may find Nayuta has more in common with a certain character than she appears to at first glance (Image via MAPPA Studios)

With the first cour of the series' anime adaptation set to conclude in a few days, Chainsaw Man anime-only fans have begun reading and getting involved in the series' manga community. These fans are certainly in for a treat, picking up the manga through the fan-favorite Bomb Girl arc, where the action stays high throughout the rest of the series' first part.

Spoiler alert: Several CHAINSAW MAN manga spoilers ahead.

However, many of these Chainsaw Man anime-only fans are being spoiled by long-time readers of the series and older posts on social media. One incredibly common spoiler that fans report encountering is the existence of Nayuta, a sparsely-seen character in the series but one who is as important as almost any other.

As a result, these new manga readers are asking exactly who Nayuta is and what role she plays in the story.

Chainsaw Man fans curious about Nayuta after an online discussion of her possible part 2 debut

Who is Nayuta? Explained

In the final issues of the Chainsaw Man manga's Control Devil arc, fans see Denji coming to terms with the need to kill Makima to ensure his own safety and survival. After initially capturing her, Denji officially kills Makima by eating the various parts of her body over a few days and several meals.

Fans are assuming that Denji was able to kill Makima not by hating her or wanting her dead but by loving her. In this way, he took on her sins and their consequences, unifying the two in their punishment. Denji even says he was just as responsible for the sins Makima committed during their time together as she was.

He explains this to former teacher Kishibe at a park, where he's walking Makima's eight dogs and Power's cat, Meowy. Suddenly, Denji's finger is bitten by a strange girl playing with his dogs. However, he realizes that he recognizes the bite, calling it Makima's despite the girl being someone else.

Kishibe explains that this girl, Nayuta, is the reincarnation of the Control Devil. Essentially, she's another Makima who lacks the memories of her time with Denji as Makima. This is further confirmed by her eyes having the same, concentric circle iris pattern that Makima had. It becomes clear that, beyond a shadow of a doubt, Nayuta is the reincarnated Control Devil.

Thus, Denji takes her home and begins caring for her, with the final scenes of the Chainsaw Man manga's first part being her and Denji falling asleep in each other's arms in his apartment. Unfortunately, this is the last time fans have seen her as of this article's writing, with no formal debut in the manga's second part for her as of chapter 114.

As a result, this is all fans know about the reincarnation of the series' most dangerous villain yet. Her motives, desires, and goals have not been touched on or hinted at in any way. While there are fan theories out there, only the series' creator, author, and illustrator, Tatsuki Fujimoto himself, currently knows the answers to these questions.

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