Who is stronger than Muzan? 10 strongest demons in Demon Slayer 

Strongest demons in Demon Slayer (Image via Netflix)
Strongest demons in Demon Slayer (Image via Netflix)
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Demon Slayer is a shonen manga and anime series that has gained popularity from fans across the globe. Ever since the manga ended, the fans were quick to discuss the strength and power levels of all the demons present in Demon Slayer.

While fans initially thought Muzan was the strongest, further developments in the plot portrayed some interesting twists and turns.

This article contains a tier list of the strongest demons in the show. The order of the list mentioned below reflects the opinions of the writer.

Note: This article contains major spoilers from the manga.

Who is stronger than Muzan, the original Demon King?

The only character who was stronger than Muzan was Yoriichi. He almost beat Muzan before splitting his body into 1800 parts in an attempt to escape. He escaped successfully and managed to fuse back into a single body after a while.


Ranking the top 10 strongest demons in the Demon Slayer manga

10) Daki

the concept is beauty and daki is nailing it #kimetsunoyaiba #鬼滅の刃

Daki is a powerful demon whose Blood Demon Art allows her to produce sash-like extensions that have the flexibility of cloth and is capable of slicing people into two. Her ability allows her to become extremely hard to cut as well.

To make things harder, one would have to cut her head, and Gyutaro’s head at the same time, in order to completely kill them. She is a tough opponent to deal with in Demon Slayer.

9) Gyutaro

Gyutaro and Daki - A thematic analysisFan colouring by ( and Daki were demons who lurked in the Red Light District in which they were originally born. As humans, their environment and upbringing led to the development of specific faults in

Gyutaro is Daki’s brother and his Blood Demon Art allows him to wield a dual sickle which is extremely poisonous. If the poison enters the body of a human being, it can kill them if the wounds are left untreated.

He can also send sharp projectiles made from his blood, capable of changing direction to the point of impact. He can also control his sister’s movements for synchronized attacks. The sibling demons are one of the toughest opponents to beat in Demon Slayer.

8) Awakened form of Nezuko

彡★nezuko demon form; a thread★彡

Nezuko’s Blood Demon Art lets her set her blood on fire which can cause damage to other demons. It also has support capabilities, as it can be used to heal humans from demons’ poison.

Her final form was so powerful that she single-handedly overwhelmed Daki. Her regenerative powers were on the level of some of the strongest demons from the Upper Moon.

7) Gyokko

Upper moon 5, Gyokko from Demon Slayer (Image via demon Slayer)
Upper moon 5, Gyokko from Demon Slayer (Image via demon Slayer)

Gyokko is a demon from the Upper Moon who can teleport between pots that can also release sea creatures with special abilities. The fact that he was able to trap the mist Hashira in a body of water is enough proof of his strength. But Muichiro, upon activating his demon slayer mark, was able to beat Gyokko with ease.

6) Hantengu

Hantengu from Upper Moon 4 is one of the toughest opponents to kill in Demon Slayer. He can create multiple clones, each representing a particular emotion. Each of these clones have unique attacking capabilities. The secret to killing the Upper Moon 4 is by slashing the resentment clone in which his true body resides.

At that point in Demon Slayer, while Tanjiro was fighting him, it seemed like Nezuko was close to sacrificing her life to help her brother. And yet, in the end they beat Hantengu and Nezuko became immune to the sun.

5) Akaza

⠀Akaza (猗窩座) vs. Rengoku (煉獄)

Both Akaza and Douma are extremely close and it is difficult to judge who the stronger one is. Akaza’s Blood Demon Art enhances his martial art skills exponentially. He was so strong that he was able to kill the Fire Hashira and escape before the sunrise.

Akaza regained his memory when his head was cut off. Upon regrowing, the demon could have fought Tanjiro and Giyu but decided to kill himself.

4) Douma

douma's greeting you 😊

Douma was poisoned by Shinobu before he could reveal his true powers, which makes it hard to place him on this list. Douma was probably the only demon close enough to regrow his head after being cut by a Nichirin blade. But due to the poison he could not regrow his head during combat.

3) Kokushibo

We’ll see about that Kokushibo. 😠

Kokushibo was Yoriichi’s brother who developed the Moon Breathing style. On becoming a demon, his moon breathing was enhanced, allowing him to create blades with his flesh that could pop out of his body at any point.

He is one of the toughest opponents to fight against in Demon Slayer. Much like Akaza, he too gave up his life after witnessing the monster he has become in the process of being the strongest samurai.

2) Muzan

Muzan is the first and the strongest demon who fought against the Demon Slayer Corps. The only reason he was defeated was because of the four-stage drug crafted by Tamayo and Shinobu. Otherwise, it was impossible to defeat him and he has survived for over 1000 years, improving his strength and ability every year.

1) Demon Tanjiro

Tanjiro became the next Demon King. In theory he would be the strongest demon since he used sun breathing and could be immune to the sun.

It is important to note that Tanjiro also received every last drop of Muzan’s blood, which was way more than what any other demon from the Upper Moon had. As a result, he became the strongest demon in Demon Slayer.

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