Why 'Shikimori’s Not Just a Cutie' is a must watch

Micchon Shikimori as seen in Shikimori’s Not Just a Cutie(Image via Doga Kobo)
Micchon Shikimori as seen in Shikimori’s Not Just a Cutie(Image via Doga Kobo)

There has been an ocean of slice-of-life rom-com anime, but nothing compares to the likes of Shikimori’s Not Just a Cutie. The anime premiered on April 10, 2022, and has immensely gained huge popularity in little to no time. All the credit goes to its endearing plotline, beautiful animation, and amazing cast of characters.

The story follows two of the most prominent characters in the show, Yuu Izumi and the titular character Micchon Shikimori. Izumi is a timid high school boy who always finds himself at the pinnacle of misfortune, but with his girlfriend Shikimori by his side, he can overcome any obstacles. Izumi and Shikimori are head over heels for each other and they will possibly do anything to make the other happy.

Shikimori’s Not Just a Cutie is the best rom-com anime to watch in 2022


Shikimori’s Not Just a Cutie had one of the most explosive premieres in 2022. It is not a cake job to earn immense popularity in very little time. However, with 3.5 million copies of 13 volumes of manga being sold, it is evident that the manga already had a huge fanbase, prior to receiving an anime adaptation.

Shikimori and Izumi were sharing their ice cream and just when things were feeling so romantic, Inuzuka jumped in took a bite of their ice cream. Can't believe he ruin the mood like that 😅 The train scene was cute and funny. #ShikimorisNotJustaCutie

The anime received a rating of 7.1 on IMDb and 7.8 on with just five episodes aired to date. The anime has garnered praise from all around the world from both anime and non-anime enthusiasts, and thus became one of the best shows to be released in 2022.

What makes Shikimori’s Not Just a Cutie better than other rom-coms

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When it comes to watching a rom-com anime, a person has a sea of options to go through and pick whatever suits their taste. Rom-com animes are loved for exploring love and friendship between characters with light-hearted comical moments.

It also puts a spotlight on their character development, whilst overcoming several obstacles in their path that eventually strengthen the bond between them. Shikimori’s Not Just a Cutie is unlike any other rom-com anime out there.

Shikimori’s Not Just A Cutie | she will give her best and would become an amazing girlfriend that a guy can only dream of.🥰 Follow us for more anime news and updates... #shikimorisnotjustacutie #式守さん #anime #animetwt #Manga

Most anime follow the same pattern of featuring two characters, who are totally opposite, where the female lead always has to be Tsundere. In Shikimori’s Not Just a Cutie, both the characters are Yandere, which means they are both head over heels for each other.

Typically in a rom-com anime, one has to wait for the characters to profess their feelings, which usually happens at the end of the show, and fans never get to see their life together. But, in Shikimori’s Not Just a Cutie, the characters have already confessed their feelings for each other, and fans get to see heartfelt moments between the couple, packed with lots of laughter.

Why should one watch Shikimori’s Not Just a Cutie?

Izumi has largely been very annoying for me and hard to watch, but the night sky scene was adorable. Probably the best thing he’s done in this series so far, hopefully he gets some more development. Shikimori as usual carried the rest of the ep #式守さん #shikimori_anime

Yuu Izumi always finds himself at the door of trouble, as if he has mastered the art of attracting bad luck. But, with Shikimori, he can overcome any obstacle possible as she never lets anything that would harm him in front of her eyes.

From buying a straw hat to protect Izumi from extreme exposure of the sun to doing a roundhouse kick on a falling signboard on Izumi, Shikimori can do anything to protect her miserable boyfriend. Even though Izumi thinks that she is way out of his league, Shikimori cherishes him to a greater extent and is truly crazy for him.

Clumsiness runs in the family 😅 (via Shikimori's Not Just a Cutie)

Moreover, with their friends Inuzuka, Hachimitsu, and Nekozaki, there hasn’t been a dull day as they always find a way to make each day extraordinary. Like Shikimori, the others also care about Izumi and won’t do anything that will cause him trouble.

Although there have only been five episodes of Shikimori’s Not Just a Cutie, not a single episode has managed to disappoint the viewers. There have been only a few anime in 2022 that have gained immense popularity in significantly less time, which speaks about how good the show is in volumes.

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