Wonder Woman and JoJo's Bizarre Adventures' Jolyne have one unusual similarity

One odd similarity that Wonder Woman and Jolyne share (Images via Netflix and IMDb)
One odd similarity that Wonder Woman and Jolyne share (Images via Netflix and IMDb)

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures is one of the most popular anime and manga series and has a huge fan following from all across the globe. Hirohiko Araki’s masterpiece gained a lot of attention in the past few months ever since the release of Stone Ocean, which is the sixth part of the ongoing manga series.

One of the most important aspects of any anime series is the soundtrack as it plays a crucial role in setting the right atmosphere. Soundtracks are essential for any episode to be impactful since it also complements the dialogues.

Some of the soundtracks within the JoJo series are so popular that fans have used them for numerous memes. Giorno’s theme is one such example. However, certain fans of the JoJo series have observed something very interesting about Jolyne’s theme that was featured in Stone Ocean. Let’s take a look at what the fans observed and see how some of the fans reacted to it.

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures: An element common to both Jolyne and Wonder Woman

Jolyne is one of the most interesting characters in the entire series and she is quite strong and dependable. Time and again, she has proven that her mental toughness cannot be matched by many.

While it might seem odd for an anime series like this and a DC Comics title such as Wonder Woman to be on the same plane, it is not impossible. Fans have noticed that Jolyne’s theme and Wonder Woman’s theme are quite similar when we look at the intro sections of the soundtrack. According to fans, the theme songs of both these characters are almost identical and they certainly brought up the discussion of plagiarism.

Fans went berserk on Twitter and tried to understand why no legal action was taken. Another reason why nothing really happened could be because of the fact that both JoJo and Wonder Woman were produced by Warner Bros.

Naturally, after fans observed this incident, the immediate question was whether this was planned or was a mere coincidence. The majority of the fanbase believes that this was a mere coincidence and some of the fans even analyzed the two riffs as well.

Another interesting fact that one fan brought up, was that Federico Pucci’s theme had samples of Made in Heaven. This is a show that has made multiple pop culture references and some even believe that this could be paying homage to Wonder Woman as a character. At the end of the day, no legal actions were taken and the entire JoJo fanbase seemed quite happy with the soundtrack.

Fans are eagerly waiting in anticipation for the upcoming Stone Ocean episodes. Look out for this space for more release details on the remaining episodes that will conclude the sixth part of the series.

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