"I would play for anyone, Dodgers or the Astros" - Trevor Bauer signals intent of MLB return with the top teams

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"I would play for anyone, Dodgers or the Astros" - Trevor Bauer signals intent of MLB return with the top teams

Trevor Bauer is a free agent after spending a season in Japan. This followed a tumultuous period where Bauer was accused of sexual assault and then suspended by the MLB for 324 games in 2022, which was later reduced to 194. As a result, he was released by the Los Angeles Dodgers in January 2023 and played for the Yokohama DeNA BayStars.

While there was a lot to that story and following lawsuits and countersuits, Bauer's legal issues are behind him and this leaves his MLB future in question. As a free agent in 2024, Bauer would like to return to the league and recently speaking on the "PBD Podcast," he said he is not picky about a destination.

Asked if there were any teams he wouldn't play for, Trevor Bauer responded:

"I'd play for anyone. I don't have ... You mentioned earlier, that I'm kinda a troll. I troll a lot and it's all trying to drive fan engagement. I have no problems with any of the teams.
"I'd play for the Dodgers again, I'd play for the Astros, it doesn't matter to me. I wanna play. I've spent 30 years of my life developing a skill set that's like, top 15 in the world, and I'd like to be able to use it because I love playing, I love competing and I feel I have a lot left to give."


It will be interesting to see if Bauer gets a shot at returning to the MLB, as the former LA Dodgers star's side of the story paints a very different picture of events.

Trevor Bauer on sexual assault allegations

Speaking to FOX in October, Trevor Bauer discussed the allegations and lawsuits in great detail. He also read a text his accuser, Lindsay Hill, sent to a friend before she had actually met him:

"Next victim. Star pitcher for the Dodgers. What should I steal? ... 'I'm going to his house Wednesday. I already have my hooks in. You know how I roll."

Bauer continued, discussing the lawsuits:

"Since then, her legal team has approached me multiple times about coming to a financial settlement. But, as I have done since day one, I refuse to pay her even a single cent. In August of 2021, Lindsay Hill's claims were heard in court and during those legal proceedings, critical information was deliberately and unlawfully concealed from me and my legal team.
"Information like this video, which was taken by Lindsay Hill herself the morning after she claims she was brutally attacked, emotionally traumatized and desperate to get away from me.
"And now we have the metadata so there can be no dispute. It was taken mere minutes before she left my house on the morning of May 16th, 2021, without my knowledge or consent. Of course, in it, you can see her lying in bed next to me while I'm sleeping, smirking at the camera without a care in the world or any marks on her face.
"I think it paints a pretty clear picture of what actually happened the evening of May 15th and why the video was originally concealed from us."

The judge heard the evidence and found Hill had misled the court. Denying Hill's request for a restraining order, she determined no non-consensual sex or sexual assault had taken place.

"The fact is, I was never arrested," Trevor Bauer said. "I was never charged with a crime. And I won the only legal proceeding that took place without my side of the story even being heard. And most importantly, as I've said from day one, I never sexually assaulted Lindsay Hill or anyone else for that matter."

With his legal troubles behind him, it will be interesting to see if Trevor Bauer can make a return to the MLB.

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