5 best BGMI tips to use sniper rifle like a pro (March 2023)

5 best BGMI tips to use sniper rifle (Image by Sportskeeda)
5 best BGMI tips to use sniper rifle (Image by Sportskeeda)

Similar to other games in the Battle Royale genre, BGMI presents a vast array of armaments that can be exploited to eliminate adversaries. While SMGs and shotguns are advantageous for skirmishes within proximity, deploying snipers endows the player with an extra edge when engaging in combat from afar.

Manipulating snipers in BGMI requires a great deal of dexterity and acumen. An abundance of variables must be considered while setting sights on an opponent. It is imperative to note that-action snipers only discharge a singular round at a time. Consequently, a misdirected shot could divulge the gamer's whereabouts, rendering them defenseless against hostile attacks.

The finest five BGMI sniper rifle techniques

1) Use suitable sniper


The foremost stride towards refining one's sniping and long-range combat proficiency is to acquire the optimal armament. BGMI bestows upon its players two categories of sniper rifles: bolt-action and automatic. Amongst the two, bolt-action rifles hold a prominent position as they inflict enormous destruction in BGMI.

In that sequence, it is highly recommended that gamers prioritize selecting AWM, M24, and Kar 98, in that sequence. In scenarios where bolt-action snipers are not readily available, players may utilize the automatic variants.

2) Take cover


Another helpful tactic is to keep changing positions frequently in BGMI. This makes it difficult for the opponents to pinpoint the sniper's location, and they might waste valuable time searching for them. Another advantage of changing positions is that it keeps snipers safe from enemy fire, making it harder for opponents to track them.

Moreover, it is also essential to be patient while sniping. A good sniper knows when to take the shot and when to hold back. They don't rush into taking shots, which can reveal their position and lead to a quick elimination. Instead, they wait for the perfect opportunity, such as when the opponent is distracted or standing still.

Finally, communication with the team is crucial in BGMI. The snipers should inform their team about the enemy's position and movements, allowing them to coordinate their strategy accordingly. Snipers can contribute to the team's success by providing valuable information and taking out high-value targets.

3) Use the proper attachments


Incorporating various attachments onto the sniper is advantageous in augmenting the long-range shots. It is prudent for gamers to affix a compensator to the sniper. The compensator serves the purpose of repressing the gun's recoil and facilitating a stable shot.

Furthermore, other attachments like extended magazines and scopes should also be employed. In BGMI, snipers are compatible with scopes up to 8x magnification. Hence, players must remain observant of the available scopes.

4) Take a peek and fire


Peek and fire are popular tactics many players in Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) use. It allows players to shoot at their opponents without exposing themselves fully, reducing their risk of getting hit. This tactic involves briefly peeking out from behind the cover, taking a shot, and quickly moving back to the cover.

Although most avid gamers are acquainted with the peek-and-shoot function in Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI), they are infrequently employed. Notwithstanding, it is paramount that players incorporate this function into their gameplay as it facilitates the acquisition of a clear view of the adversary while maintaining cover.

Moreover, gamers should endeavor to alter their positioning intermittently to perplex their adversaries and launch attacks from divergent angles, thereby intensifying their chances of success on the battlefield.

5) Do sniper training


Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) proffers an array of game modes that extend beyond the Battle Royale experience. Amongst these lies the Arcade mode, which features the Sniper Training mission. The primary objective of this mode is to eliminate adversaries with a Sniper rifle within the stipulated time frame and attain the maximum number of kills.

This mode is a quintessential training ground for aspiring snipers who wish to augment their long-range shooting skills. In light of the adage, "practice makes perfect," gamers are advised to partake in the Sniper Training mode frequently, as it serves as an excellent platform for refining their sniping abilities.

Edited by Srijan Sen
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