"Start playing BGMI with whatever device you have": Techno Gamerz opens up about Battlegrounds Mobile India's Esports potential with Hastar

Numerous prominent individuals share their thoughts about the release of Battlegrounds Mobile India
Numerous prominent individuals share their thoughts about the release of Battlegrounds Mobile India

The release of Battlegrounds Mobile India's early access yesterday brought excitement to the Indian audience as they finally had the opportunity to experience their favorite title. The game's download was available on the Google Play Store post joining the beta testing program.


Sportskeeda Esports' Himanshu Chandnani interacted with numerous prominent individuals, including content creators, team owners, and other stakeholders, who have shared their opinions about the release of Battlegrounds Mobile India and the scope of esports.

"I plan to make gameplay videos and stream the game multiple times a week." - Techno Gamerz on Battlegrounds Mobile India's early access

Here is a small excerpt from the conversation with Techno Gamerz and Hastar.

Q1 What are your thoughts on Battlegrounds Mobile India's arrival?

Hastar: To be frank, I am still unable to comprehend how the last nine months have flown by, and I do not even recall the date when PUBG Mobile was banned.

At the moment, I am not too excited about the game, but I am looking forward to Battlegrounds Mobile when it becomes available on iOS. I have not yet played the Early Access version. It would be great if the game comes to iOS as soon as possible so that I can play and entertain my audience again.

Q2 How do you feel about the return of Battlegrounds Mobile India? Having started with PUBG over the last year, you have built up a vast following, so what are your plans with BGMI?

Techno Gamerz: Esports players were most impacted by the game's ban because they couldn't practice and missed out on the biggest tournaments. This particular game provided a career path for many players, but it had been unavailable for some time, even though Korea's version functioned properly.

Indian content creators picked up several other titles after PUBG Mobile was banned. It is great news that Battlegrounds Mobile India is almost here, and I look forward to seeing the tournaments. Additionally, I plan to make gameplay videos and stream the game multiple times a week.

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Q3 In your opinion, how do you view esports in the country?

Hastar: One of the lessons we should learn from PUBG Mobile's ban is that we cannot always rely on one thing. Several months had passed, so about 1 to 2 percent of the player base wouldn't consider playing Battlegrounds Mobile India again.

Additionally, players should not rely on a single title. For esports to grow, they need to focus on other games as well. As a result of PUBG Mobile's ban, it seemed that esports in India had come to a halt. Therefore, other games should also be considered to create a solid esports ecosystem in the country.

Q4 How would you approach monetizing content to ensure sustainability for up-and-coming esports players who have been grinding their way to the top?

Techno Gamerz: After watching a LAN event in Delhi, I was inspired to play in esports and started grinding to achieve this dream. However, I made sure to post a gameplay video on my channel before starting my practice. To summarize, I focused my attention on creating content and participating in esports.

Q5 From the audience's perspective, what can a new player do to become a household name like other popular players?

Hastar: For someone who has not participated in esports before, it would not be easy to do so and involve a considerable effort. Getting to the level of Scout, Mortal, Mavi, or another top esports personality is not easy. Having practiced for a long time, they understand the game to the core. It would take something different for that person to make a mark.

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Q6 How do you see opportunities for underdogs in esports in Battlegrounds Mobile India?

Hastar: Players who perform well in Battlegrounds Mobile India tournaments will surely be given the opportunity to become part of larger organizations and teams as space becomes available. They will also have many more opportunities in the future and should never give up on their passion. A long and arduous journey lies ahead of them, and players will face a lot of challenges.


Techno Gamerz: Some players believe that they will become better players if they have a better device. My first experience playing PUBG Mobile was with a device that heated a lot while streaming. Later, I tried the emulator, but it didn't work well. I then bought an iPad after watching Mortal and was disappointed to learn that PUBG Mobile wouldn't allow competitive play on an iPad. After a long wait, I finally bought an iPhone.

These events were separated by about 3-4 months. In conclusion, I would like to advise you not to wait for the device, instead start grinding on whatever you have.

Q7 Would the Indian Battlegrounds Mobile India team be able to compete internationally, both technically and in terms of skills?

Hastar: Prior to the ban of PUBG Mobile, several Indian teams like OR had bridged the skill gap. Indian teams will certainly perform well at international events, as the players also have extensive experience.

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