Ashes 2019 | Sachin analyses the technique of Steve Smith

Steve Smith with the urn.
Steve Smith with the urn.

In the last two and a half decades, we saw former cricketers and coaches from all round the globe analyse Sachin Tendulkar's technique and philosophy ball by ball. Six years after his retirement, the calibre and genius of Steve Smith's complicated yet successful technique has made the Indian legend put a magnifying glass on Smith's success in the recently concluded Ashes 2019 series. There have been countless theories on Smith's success in England, but none explain it better than the master blaster himself, who took to Twitter to convey the insights.

In the 1st Test, England tried getting Steve Smith out in the slip and gully region, a strategy established repeatedly in the English summer.

According to Sachin, in order to tackle the nagging off-stump line, Smith shuffled across and exposed his leg-stump and in that process, he also covered the line of off-stump. With the complete knowledge where his off-stump was, he left the ball and was smart enough in his shot selection.

Moving on to the Lord’s Test, England planned to have a leg slip for him. Sachin's understanding of Smith's troubled stay during Jofra Archer's spell was his movement towards the off-stump with his weight going backwards. He tried to defend a barrage of short stuff from Archer, and got into bad positions and henceforth got hit on the head. According to Sachin the most important aspect for a batsman is to keep the head and his body weight marginally forward or at least in line of the ball.

Steve Smith got hit on the head by a Jofra Archer delivery
Steve Smith got hit on the head by a Jofra Archer delivery

So Smith went back, worked on his technique and stopped exposing his leg stump when there was a leg slip in place. He kept his front foot in tact while shuffling towards the off-stump, and got on top of the ball. In that process, he remembered to guard his leg stump.

In the 4th and 5th Ashes Test, instead of pulling his weight backwards, he started to duck under the ball with his head forward and was quite successful.

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