Most runs in India vs New Zealand T20Is

Last Modified Nov 13, 2022 03:04 IST

India and New Zealand are currently one of the top cricketing nations in the World. Both of them have been consistent performers in the ICC events and even made it to the semis in the 2022 ICC T20 World Cup. Talking of the T20 format, the two teams have had some of the most interesting matches, and always showcase quality cricket whenever they lock horns.

India and New Zealand have played 20 T20Is, out of which India has the upper hand with 11 wins while New Zealand stands at 9 wins. Out of the 11 victories, India won 2 of them after the scores were tied. This head-to-head shows how competitive both sides have been in the shortest format of the game.

In this fierce battle of bat and ball, there have been a number of spectacular performances by the cricketers of the two teams. Here, we especially focus on the top-run getters in India vs New Zealand T20Is of all time.

Most Runs in India vs New Zealand T20Is

PlayerMatchesRunsBest ScoreAverageStrike RateCenturies
SR Tendulkar (INDIA)421750186*46.0595.365
Ross Taylor (NZ)351385112*47.7584.763
V Kohli (INDIA)261378154*59.9194.645
NJ Astle (NZ)29120712043.1079.405
V Sehwag (INDIA)23115713052.59103.956
M Azharuddin (INDIA)401118108*36.0675.381
SP Fleming (NZ)4010989032.2971.760
SC Ganguly (INDIA)321079153*35.9674.203
R Dravid (INDIA)31103215341.2869.582
KS Williamson (NZ)2598411839.3673.921

Other Records

Highest Team Total in India vs New Zealand T20Is

TeamScoreOversRun RateVenueDate
New Zealand219/620.010.95Wellington6 Feb 2019
New Zealand212/420.010.6Hamilton10 Feb 2019
India208/620.010.4Hamilton10 Feb 2019
India204/419.010.73Auckland24 Jan 2020
New Zealand203/520.010.15Auckland24 Jan 2020
India202/320.010.1Delhi1 Nov 2017
New Zealand196/220.09.8Rajkot4 Nov 2017
New Zealand19020.09.5Johannesburg16 Sep 2007
India184/720.09.2Eden Gardens21 Nov 2021
India180/920.09Johannesburg16 Sep 2007

Lowest Team Total in India vs New Zealand T20Is

TeamScoreOversRun RateVenueDate
India7918.14.34Nagpur15 Mar 2016
India110/720.05.5Dubai (DSC)31 Oct 2021
New Zealand11117.26.4Eden Gardens21 Nov 2021
New Zealand126/720.06.3Nagpur15 Mar 2016
New Zealand132/520.06.6Auckland26 Jan 2020
India13919.27.18Wellington6 Feb 2019
India149/620.07.45Wellington27 Feb 2009
New Zealand149/820.07.45Delhi1 Nov 2017
New Zealand150/520.07.5Wellington27 Feb 2009
New Zealand153/620.07.65Ranchi19 Nov 2021

Highest Individual score in India vs New Zealand T20Is

PlayerRunsBalls4s6sStrike RateVenueDate
C Munro109*5877187.93Rajkot4 Nov 2017
KS Williamson954886197.91Hamilton29 Jan 2020
BB McCullum9155113165.45Chennai11 Sep 2012
TL Seifert844376195.34Wellington6 Feb 2019
RG Sharma805564145.45Delhi1 Nov 2017
S Dhawan8052102153.84Delhi1 Nov 2017
C Munro724055180.00Hamilton10 Feb 2019
V Kohli7041101170.73Chennai11 Sep 2012
MJ Guptill704234166.66Jaipur17 Nov 2021
BB McCullum69*5581125.45Wellington27 Feb 2009

Most Wickets in India vs New Zealand T20Is

PlayerMatchesWicketsBest figuresEconomy4-wicket hauls
IS Sodhi (NZ)15203/187.260
MJ Santner (NZ)16164/117.151
TG Southee (NZ)15153/168.730
TA Boult (NZ)7124/348.231
JJ Bumrah (INDIA)10123/126.100
SN Thakur (INDIA)682/219.940
B Kumar (INDIA)982/248.320
YS Chahal (INDIA)1182/267.970
DL Vettori (NZ)464/206.001
AR Patel (INDIA)563/96.940

Best Bowling Figures in India vs New Zealand T20Is

MJ Santner (NZ)4.001142.75Nagpur15 Mar 2016
DL Vettori (NZ)4.002045.00Johannesburg16 Sep 2007
TA Boult (NZ)4.003448.50Rajkot4 Nov 2017
AR Patel (INDIA)3.00933.00Eden Gardens21 Nov 2021
JJ Bumrah (INDIA)4.011233.00Mount Maunganui2 Feb 2020
TG Southee (NZ)4.001634.00Ranchi19 Nov 2021
TG Southee (NZ)4.001734.25Wellington6 Feb 2019
IS Sodhi (INZ)4.001834.50Nagpur15 Mar 2016
TA Boult (NZ)4.002035.00Dubai (DSC)31 Oct 2021
IS Sodhi (NZ)4.002636.50Wellington31 Jan 2020