World Cup 2019: How much prize money did team India receive?

India reached the semifinals of the 2019 World Cup before losing to New Zealand in Semifinal 1
India reached the semifinals of the 2019 World Cup before losing to New Zealand in Semifinal 1

The fans hail the Cricket World Cup as the biggest event of world cricket because of the rich history of the tournament. The organizers of the World Cup can boast themselves of holding a tournament where the mightiest teams of the world clash for world supremacy. The legends and the young stars combine forces for the team’s cause as they use every ounce of their energy to win the World Cup for their nation as well as for the fans.

This hard-work of the players has taken the sport of cricket to the next level.

The International Cricket Council splashes out a huge amount of their money for the prize distribution ceremony of the Cricket World Cup.

The winners, the runners-up and the semifinalists receive a better sum of money than the teams who do not make it to the next round. However, even if a team could not manage to win a single match in the 2019 World Cup, it would take a handsome $100,000 home.

The prize money distribution of the 12th edition of the Cricket World Cup was decided as follows -

  1. World Cup Winners - $4,000,000 (up from $3,975,000 of 2015)
  2. Runner-up - $2,000,000 (up from $1,750,000 of 2015)
  3. Losing Semi-finalists - $800,000 (up from $600,000 of 2015)
  4. Winner of each group stage match - $40,000 (down from $45,000 of 2015)
  5. Teams eliminated in group stage - $100,000 (up from $35,000 of 2015)

(Since there are no losing quarter-finalists in the 2019 World Cup, ICC has allotted more prize money to the teams eliminated in group stage).

Team India's Prize Money

The winner of each group stage match received $40,000 per win. India won 7 matches in the group stage of the 2019 World Cup which means they received a sum total of $2,80,000 ($40,000*7) courtesy their performance in the group stage. Converting the sum into Indian Rupees, Virat Kohli and co. earned a whopping ₹1,90,40,000 (taking the conversion rate as 1 USD = 68 INR) from the group stage alone.

Next, the Indian team lost their crucial semifinal match-up versus New Zealand but, still they received $800,000 for reaching the latter stage of the tourney. The prize money received for reaching the semifinals equals to ₹5,44,00,000.

Adding the group stage prize money with the cash prize for the losing semifinalists, team India’s rewards total up to $10,80,000 which equals to ₹7,34,40,000 (Seven Crores Thirty Four Lakhs and Forty Thousand Rupees).

The Men in Blue had won ₹17,22,50,000 for winning the World Cup in 2011 whereas their 2015 prize money’s sum was ₹5,74,20,000 (6 wins in group stage + losing semi-finalists). Thus, the 2019 prize money is more than the 2015 one but it is nowhere near the 2011 mark.

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