World Cup Prize Money

Last Modified Jul 11, 2019 13:36 IST

The wait is finally over, and ICC Cricket World Cup started from 29th of May 2019 and is now in the knock out stage of the tournament. In this World Cup, ten international cricket teams battled their hearts out to lift the all prestigious ICC Cricket World Cup trophy at the Mecca of Cricket, the Lord's Cricket Ground on July 16. While among those 10 teams only India, New Zealand, Australia and England qualified for the knockouts. New Zealand won the first semi final against India and entered the Finals of ICC World Cup 2019.

The trophy in itself is an absolute beauty. It's a remarkable piece of hand-engraved silverware and signifies the excellent craftsmanship that goes behind it's making.But that's not all that is up for grabs in this world cup. ICC has also announced large sums of ICC World Cup prize money as cash prizes for this season.

Let's have a look at the summary of prize money for Cricket World Cup 2019 followed by how the prize split has changed over the last five Cricket World Cups.

ICC Cricket World Cup Prize Money 2019

  1. World Cup Winners : USD 4,000,000
  2. World Cup Runners-Up : USD 2,000,00
  3. World Cup Losing Semi-Finalists : USD 800,000 each
  4. Winners of each league stage match : USD 40,000 each
  5. Teams that do pass the league stage : USD 100,000 each

Previous Cricket World Cups' Prize Money

Losing semi-finalists$400,000$450,000$500,000$600,000$800,000
Losing quarter-finalists--$250,000$300,000-
Winner of each group match$10,000$20,000-$45,000$40,000
Teams eliminated in group stage---$35,000$100,000

Note: Grids marked as ‘-’ have no official information on prize money released about them.

ICC Cricket World Cup Trophy Tour

While the Cricket World Cup Winner takes home a whopping four million USD, the runner-up is awarded a significant two million USD. The losing semi-finalists of ICC World Cup take home eight hundred thousand USD each. But that's not all, winner of each group match are awarded forty thousand USD. You might be wondering what about the teams which are eliminated after the group stage? All the teams eliminated after the group stage are awarded a hundred thousand USD each.

This sums the total ICC World Cup prize money being handed out by ICC for World Cup 2019 to a grand total of ten million USD.

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