Most Runs in World Cup 2019

After a breathtaking final, we have England the hosts as the winners of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019. But the man who managed to score the most runs this World Cup edition is India's Rohit Sharma with a total of 648 runs in 9 matches beating Australia's David Warner by just one run.

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Below is the list of record of Highest Runs in World Cup (each edition) :

Most runs in World Cups Records from 1975 to 2019 Year wise :

YearPlayerTeamInningsRunsHighest ScoreAverageStrike Rate10050
2019Rohit SharmaIndia96481408198.3351
2015Martin GuptillNew Zealand9547237*68.37104.5821
2011Tillakaratne DilshanSri Lanka950014462.590.7422
2007Matthew HaydenAustralia1065915873.22101.0731
2003Sachin TendulkarIndia1167315261.1889.2516
1999Rahul DravidIndia846114565.8585.5223
1996Sachin TendulkarIndia752313787.1685.8723
1992Martin CroweNew Zealand9456100*11490.8314
1987Graham GoochEngland847111558.8770.2913
1983David GowerEngland738413076.884.9511
1979Gordon GreenidgeWest Indies4253106*84.3362.3112
1975Glenn TurnerNew Zealand4333171*166.568.5120

Sri Lanka v India - ICC Cricket World Cup 2019

Let's have a look at the top batsmen in this world cup with the most runs for the entire World Cup Edition :

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Most Runs in World Cups (Overall for all editions) :

1992-2011Sachin TendulkarIndia45444227815256.9588.98615
1996-2011Ricky PontingAustralia464241743140*45.8679.9556
2003-2015Kumar SangakkaraSri Lanka37358153212456.7486.5557
1992-2007Brian LaraWest Indies34334122511642.2486.2627
2007-2015AB de VilliersSouth Africa232231207162*63.52117.2946
2003-2019Chris GayleWest Indies35341118621535.9390.5326
1992-2007Sanath JayasuriyaSri Lanka38373116512034.2690.6636
1996-2011Jacques KallisSouth Africa363271148128*45.9274.419
2007-2019Shakib Al Hasan Bangladesh292941146124*45.8482.26210
2007-2015Tillakaratne DilshanSri Lanka272541112161*52.9592.9744

Sachin Tendulkar of India hits out

Sachin Tendulkar of India holds the record for Highest Runs in World Cup so far with a total of 2278 runs scored in 44 innings. Ricky Ponting of Australia stands second in the table, scoring 1743 runs in 42 innings.

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