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5 of the best alternative games to GTA on PC

Image credits: wallpaperabyss
Image credits: wallpaperabyss
Rahul Bhushan
Modified 22 Sep 2020, 17:46 IST

Throughout the history of video games, whenever there has been a game both critically and commercially successful and massively influential, it has always been followed by a slew of titles often unjustly being labeled as "clones" of that particular game.

The same is true of the GTA franchise; GTA 3 was a seminal moment in all of gaming as audiences were awakened to the wonders of open-world games. Through the 2000s, the community was abuzz with titles being unjustly labelled as "GTA clones" despite actually being reasonably original.

For a moment, every game with some elements of the open-world structure was quickly dismissed by purists as being derivative. However, it couldn't be further from the truth, as audiences have now come to understand that the open-world is but a structure.

One that is one of the most popular in the current landscape of gaming, and each game's approach and utilization of the open-world differs in a lot of ways.

Here is a list of games that players must try if they are looking for titles to play other than the GTA franchise.

Five of the best games that are alternatives to the GTA franchise on PCs

5) Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor

Image credits: wallpapercave
Image credits: wallpapercave

If ever there was a game that had all the markings for both a successful hit, as well as ones for a colossal failure, then Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor is it. The Lord of the Rings brand has a certain level of expectations attached to it, and any game that carries the Middle-Earth name will invite a lot of scrutiny.


However, Shadow of Mordor stood tall and emerged as perhaps the best LOTR game in the history of the franchise. A great spin on the open-world structure that might not be as expansive, but is certainly one with a lot of depth.

The story, however great, takes a backseat to the deeply engaging and rewarding gameplay that is the Nemesis system. Throughout the title, the player will face up against members of the Orc army and each encounter will have repercussions throughout the rank.

The Nemesis system would go on to define and establish the title as one of the best during its year of release. The possibilities are simply endless, and one needs to play the game to understand the depth and complexity of the Nemesis system.

4) Sleeping Dogs

Image credits: ign, youtube
Image credits: ign, youtube

Perhaps the title that will instantly feel familiar to fans of the GTA franchise, yet, there is something vastly different about Sleeping Dogs that will surprise players. It is decidedly cliched in the best of ways; taking inspiration from the best Hong Kong action in a wonderous blend of Tarantino and John Woo with a dash of Michael Bay explosions thrown in for good measure.

The game's combat system alone is enough to sell you on it; from the first moment the players chain together a 25x combo, it'll be hard to pry the controller out of their hands.

Sleeping Dogs maintains a frantic momentum throughout the course of its lengthy campaign while also being able to tell the previously mentioned cliched story. There aren't many titles that can compare to Sleeping Dogs in terms of how responsive and satisfying the combat feels.

The open-world structure might not be as integral to the game as something like Breath of the Wild, yet, it would feel a little too claustrophobic for one's liking.

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Published 22 Sep 2020, 17:46 IST
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