5 best Exotic weapons in Destiny 2 PvP (2022)

Dead Man's Tale Scout Rifle for Destiny 2 PvP (Image via Bungie)
Dead Man's Tale Scout Rifle for Destiny 2 PvP (Image via Bungie)
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PvP in Destiny 2 can often be a field for rage and despair for players all over the system. Some have mastered different playstyles with all three classes, while others are still trying to get acquainted with the game's mechanics. Bungie changed the overall super gain through weapon blows to make things more in sync.

Primary weapons and final blows are some of the only sources of gaining super energy within the Crucible, as Bungie has opted to shift the meta more towards gunplay. This can be done via Legendary or Exotic weapons, where everyone has to choose from over 1000 different gears.

Here's a look at some of the deadliest Exotic weapons in Destiny 2 that you can get for PvP in 2022.

Note: This article is subjective and reflects the writer's opinion.

5 of the deadly Exotic weapons to go for Destiny 2 PvP in 2022

1) Chaperone

Chaperone Exotic Shotgun (Image via Bungie)
Chaperone Exotic Shotgun (Image via Bungie)

The chaperone was introduced with the Forsaken expansion Year 2, which became one of the most-used Kinetic Shotguns in the game. It fires a slug shot which can kill any Guardians with a single shot to the head at a maximum range of 27 meters. Landing a precision final blow procs the Exotic perk, "The Roadborn."

The Roadborn perk takes precision kills and grants the weapon bonus Handling, Range, and precision damage. While Chaperone can't one-hit players after a shot to the body, it does pack the most range out of any other Shotguns in the game right now.

With nerfs on Aggressive Framed Shotguns in Season 15, Chaperone has seen a major spike in its usage rate ever since.

2) Ace of Spades

Ace of Spades (Image via Destiny 2)
Ace of Spades (Image via Destiny 2)

There is no doubt why Ace of Spades is on this list. Yet another Exotic weapon from the Forsaken campaign, this 140 RPM weapon is known to have all the perks that you want in a weapon for PvP.

From the maximum range of 78 to Kill Clip in the form of Memento Mori, you can land a kill and gain bonus damage in the next six ammo rounds. This grants precision shots that count up to 90.

Ace of Spades can be acquired from the exotic archive at the cost of one Exotic Cipher, 125,000 Glimmer, 200 Etheric Spiral, and one Ascendant Shard.

3) Thorn

Thorn Hand Cannon (Image via Destiny 2)
Thorn Hand Cannon (Image via Destiny 2)

Thorn was introduced in Season of the Drifter during the Forsaken campaign in Year 2. The Kinetic 140 RPM Hand Cannon was the first of its kind to shoot poison ammo and deal overtime damage to enemies. It has an Aim-Assist of 85, which is relatively higher than the likes of Ace of Spades, Dire Promise, and Palindrome.

Its Exotic Perk, Mark of the Devourer, can pierce an opponent's defenses and apply poison damage over time. This also stops any recovery for two to three seconds. Precision shots can apply constant damage with three ticks, and body shots apply to one tick.

4) No Time to Explain

No Time to Explain (Image via Destiny 2)
No Time to Explain (Image via Destiny 2)

No Time to Explain is an Exotic Pulse Rifle introduced with the Beyond Light expansion. Its intrinsic perk, Time Slip, allows an additional firing buddy to shoot after ten stacks of Rewind Again. It falls under the High-Impact Framed archetype, which shoots the weapon at 340 RPM.

No Time to Explain can be acquired via the exotic quest, Soon. Exo Stranger grants access to this quest on the campsite located near the Beyond on Europa.

5) Dead Man's Tale

Dead Man's Tale (Image via Destiny 2)
Dead Man's Tale (Image via Destiny 2)

Dead Man's Tale has probably gone through the most number of nerfs in the last few months. From 150 RPM in hip-fire to 130, this Exotic Scout Rifle is relatively easier to use due to the ridiculous Aim-Assist and Range while hip firing. Its Exotic Perk, Cranial Spike, can stack up to 5 times with each precision hit.

You can get this weapon from Xur on any given weekend. The perks you can look for are Moving Target or Vorpal Weapon.

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